Wednesday, February 14, 2018

IsaBody Challenge Support and More

IsaBody Challenge
Congratulations on completing the first four weeks of your IsaBody Challenge®! By now, you’ve probably gotten into the swing of things, and there’s a good chance you are noticing the beginnings of a transformation.
Taking on a Challenge is always easier when you have support. By joining the Official IsaBody Challenge Facebook group, you will gain access to the support, motivation, and inspiration that’s necessary to help you complete your Challenge with ease.
Members of the IsaBody Challenge Facebook group share recipes, inspirational stories, and offer encouragement to one another around Challenge goals. Chris Parry, 2016 IsaBody Challenge Finalist, takes advantage of everything the group has to offer.
“The IsaBody Facebook community is so easy to access from anywhere,” he said. “It separates Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge from anything else out there.”
The support from the Facebook group flows into our other social media channels. Make sure to follow IsaBody on Instagram and Twitter for motivational workout tips, healthy recipe ideas, and previous participants’ transformations.
Finally, make sure to compare your measurements from day 1 to day 30. Keeping track of your progress is rewarding for so many reasons. It reminds you of your hard work, commitment, and future success, and is also a great way to stay personally accountable!
Did you know your Associate Back Office has a great system to track your stats? Simply log in to your Back Office, select “Contests and Promotions” > “IsaBody Challenge” > “Monthly Statistics.” You can then enter your progress each month.  You can also track your progress on paper if you prefer.
Keep in mind that the IsaBody Challenge does not require measurement uploading (please review the requirements for a complete IsaBody Challenge). Measurement tracking is for personal accountability, and although you may send it in for the judges to see, it is not required.
In health,
Your IsaBody Challenge team

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