Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Contacting on InstaGram by Nick Brucker

I’ve been having great results worth starting a conversation on IG saying something like,

Hey ___! You’ve got some great content - very personal yet professional. Great work! What do you do exactly?
Then commenting and complimenting their response, and then going into something like this.
Hey to be honest ___, I’ve been kind of checking on you here and there online - you seem super sharp, and I could just tell you‘re someone I should connect with. You’re probably completely content where your at with your health & financial goals, however I have something that’s growing extremely fast that’s been extremely lucrative for my wife and I, & I‘ve got this feeling that we could crush it together and would not disrupt what you’re currently doing. I could be wrong - might not be your thing.
Either way, i don’t want this to make things weird, and would love to remain in touch and support each other’s pages if that’s okay!

Note: I’ve have more people say they want more info. Now do they all take me up on it - no. But I follow up until they tell me otherwise 🙂

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