Monday, January 14, 2019

Why Events are so important to YOUR business

Joanie wrote: "Excited and grateful for an AMAZING weekend in Phoenix! A few HIGHLIGHTS.... 1. Being so honored and humbled to watch my son and daughter-in-love train on stage for 6000 people 2. SOOO many awesome team members investing in themselves and ready for an EPIC 2019! 3. Celebrating and hugging Kenya as she continues to press on in her journey and inspire thousands to NOT settle for poor health and poor income! 4. Meeting numerous IsaBody finalists - ordinary people who decided to make different choices - and now they are living completely different lives. I cry every time! 5. Cutting edge science with our probiotics and enzymes 6. CLARITY and FOCUS on the need for health and income for my BABY BOOMER peers! WE have MUCH to LIVE and GIVE! 7. A growing START group of millennials 8. Making new friends and enjoying the diversity of Phoenix (Persian Restaurant one night) 9. A crystal reset that could earn my business builders $10,000 in the next 3 months. 10. Time with some of my biggest inspirations, leaders, and dearest friends! 11. My company's integrity, generosity, and contributions to NON-PROFITS!! 12. So EXCITED for 2019 and where we're headed...I hope I can sleep this week!!! Incredibly thankful! It was FABULOUS!!! Thanks to our corporate staff that truly keeps making these events better and better and is committed to doing it right. WHO is HUNGRY? I'm excited to work together to achieve your goals!"

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