Thursday, February 23, 2017

International Sponsorship with Isagenix

How to register for International Sponsorship:

1) sign into your back office

2) Hover Mouse over "Orders" (green bar)

3) Click on "International Sponsorship" (bottom item)

4) Fill out form and submit payment

Thanks to Farmer John for providing this info...

Once you are registered for International Sponsorship, you can start building your network in any of the 12 countries Isagenix is doing business AND you can pre-enroll people in the UK too.

To pre-enroll people in the UK, go to and register them.

NOTE: Teach everyone in the UK that you enroll how they too can pre-enroll others.
You enroll 10 in 24 hours (very doable... free enrollment, great positioning)
Your ten enroll ten... that is another 100!
The 100 now each get another ten each for 1,000!!!
You get the picture... launch is end of April.
Can you imagine have a thousand people in your pre-enrollment when they can all become active associates and start ordering products?