Wednesday, March 29, 2017

8 Steps to Success (one of my biggest take aways from the Express University was this training!)

Fast forward to about minute 18 and that's where it begins. Praying for massive success for both of you!

This is all about helping your new Isagenix Associate become a Consultant FAST... duplicatable, simple, easy system that anyone can do!

James McLeod 

How to Transition Product Users into Product Sharers…

·         Top business builders in this company actually started off as product users. You will never know what people want or need unless you ASK.

·         The biggest challenge that amateurs have is pre-deciding if someone is a business builder or a product user. You are really pre-judging a future for them that may not actually align with what their needs are.

·         You have got to be systemized and provide certainty. When someone is spending money with you to get a result - healthy aging, performance, weight loss, energy or even making money, the more certainty you provide them, the more likely they are going to get started with you.

·         A system consists of individual parts that are all connected to make a greater whole. The most successful and fastest growing teams have no nonsense, always the same, getting started systems that are congruent with the entire team!

·         The following system has been tested by top leaders, and it works (Susan Sly came up with it). People who use it start converting product users to business builders, create more consultants and help more of their product users become product sharers.

·         These steps are fundamentals of what to do EVERY single time

Imagine if you were doing all of these 8 steps every time you got someone set up and you started transitioning more of your product users into products sharers. What would happen to your business?

And you had 10 people in your team, 5 on the left and 5 on the right and they were all systemized, and are all doing the same thing and they were just getting it. What would happen to your business? It would TAKE OFF! This is what happened to Alexis Romano (top income earner and Isagenix millionaire).

8 Steps to Setting up New Associates for SUCCESS!

After you enroll them, tell them
(This happens BEFORE they receive their box):
1.       You are going to schedule a welcome call with another member on the team
WHY: Buyers remorse happens within the first 24-48 hours. We want to engage them with the team and encourage them in their new efforts toward health and wellness. This call is just to welcome them and congratulate them on their decision to start Isagenix.

2.       Send them a welcome email:
“John, here is what we are going to do, I’m going to send you an email with some great resources. I want you to go ahead and keep that email and I’m going to copy a couple of other people on it because you are going to have a lot of support in this journey and if for some reason I’m not available you are going to have a lot of other people you can count on.”

3.       8 Steps to Setting up New Associates for SUCCESS continued…

4.       Tell them about the call you will have when their box gets in.

“When your box gets in you are going to want to dive right in and get started but you are not allowed to touch anything until I go over it with you. Everything is very precious and valuable and I want to best set you up for success so it’s very important you wait until we talk. Make sure you text me when it gets in.”

v  Open Box Call Details:
Have them get out sharpie and write on the products what they are going to do. (Decreases the chance of return and makes the process easier for them!)

Also tell them to take their measurements and before pictures and send them to you for accountability purposes. “I expect all these products to be gone when we have our review.”

At this point discuss the IsaBody Challenge and the benefits of enrolling and completing this 16-week Challenge.
·         $200 Product Voucher
·         Free T-shirt
·         Chance to win their share of over $200,000 in cash, prizes and trips

Within the first few weeks of enrolling new member:
5.       You will then go through the 14 day story.

1.       Ask for permission: do I have permission to set you up for success based on your goals?

The Magic Question:
“John, as you get going on these products you are going to start to visibly transform. There are different things that will change, your skin, your body, your energy levels and more. People are going to ask you what it is that you’re doing and some of those people are going to want to do it to. We have 3 options when that happens.

Number 1: You can give those referrals to me and I would be grateful and I would benefit greatly. You would help people but you wouldn’t benefit.

Number 2: We can help people get started and they will get great results just like you and you can actually get your products paid for. Imagine John, how amazing would it be if the best nutrition on the planet was free each month?

Number 3: We can help people get results, they can start to feel great, and I want to ask you this question, what is the biggest bill that you right now that causes you the most stress? John, imagine if in the next several months we could be on the way to getting the bill paid for by Isagenix just by helping people and then even going beyond that.

Now John, I want to ask you, where do you see yourself, person 1, 2, or 3?”

If they say they are a 2 or a 3 ask them why they said 2 or 3 and why that is important to them! Then, even if they say they are 1, now you must show them this part! Sometimes they will change their mind after this part.

If they were a 2 or a 3 tell them their homework from now until their box gets in is to get two people to do it with them and sign up for the Isabody challenge!

2. Why did you start Isagenix?
How long have you wanted to achieve that?

How much money have you spent trying to hit this goal?

Who else is suffering because you haven’t hit this goal?

3. Go through New Customer Checklist and Interview
New Customer Checklist and Interview (provided by your coach or found in Team FB page files)

If they are a 1 wait to fill out the wealth goals

Go over verbally together

Save for future use.

Tools to connect them with:

Morning calls
Team calls
IsaTools PRO

4. I am obligated to show you this (even if they are a 1):
If they are a 1: “John, I know you have told me you just want to use the products but I am obligated to share this with you because there are some timed bonuses in Isagenix.” Then share with them “You Share, They Share, Repeat

If they are a 2 or 3: Fast Track to Executive

5. Help them develop their list: who do you know?
Isagenix Business – Contact List

6. Teach them how to tell their 30 second story compliantly:
Isagenix Business – Share Isagenix the Right Way; Develop Your Story

“Before Isagenix, I ___________. I was introduced to Isagenix by __________. In my first
30 days I ___________. Today, I am excited to __________.”

7. Build for events: tele-commute first, then LIVE
Team Calls
Zoom Calls

Super Saturday
Express University
University In Action
Isa U

8. Match energy for energy