Thursday, April 13, 2017

11 products for Launch in the UK

Shake: undenatured whey, with dairy not treated with hormones or antibiotics, has 24 G protein, 24g carbs, 5g fat, fiber 8g. All natural sugars sourced from apples and pears for low glycemic index plus vitamins and minerals. 

NOTE:  Shake: undenatured whey, with dairy not treated with hormones or antibiotic...
Nourish for Life: uses synergistic blend of gentle herbs and energizing nutrients to flood the body as toxins are released. Also contains tumeric to support liver health. 

Ionix supreme: natures answer to stress. Fights effects of stress and fatigue, plant based adaptogens supports energizing cells, faster recovery, buffers body from environmental toxins and stress. Includes superfoods, Wolfberry, Ashwaganda, blueberry, maca root, Shilajit. 

Thermo GX: cayenne, green tea, cocoa seed, supports thermogenesis and boost metabolism to help burn fat.

Snacks: only 15 calories each, help curb appetite, healthy protein based snack, includes flax seeds and ionic alfalfa for mineral support on cleanse days. 

Isamove: includes cleansing herbs and minerals, a balanced digestive system supports body's ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Includes magnesium, peppermint, black walnut, bentonite clay. Activated enzymes, improves immunity, reduce inflammation.

Isadelights: green tea extract, amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals help ease cravings, boost energy, and mood, help fire up fat burning potential. 

E+ energy shots: all natural, 35 calories each, fuel everyday or athletic activities with blend of botanical and plant based caffeine from green tea and Yerba mate, to help you feel energized and alert. 

Amped Hydrate: perfect sports drink, supports hydration, and faster recovery. Glycogen complex delivers optimum levels of carbs with C and B complex vitamins and minerals. 

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