Monday, April 10, 2017

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This week's playbook for those that want to fast track to financial freedom.
First, let’s start with some recognition!
Joseph Font pre-enrolled 8 last week 
Remy Font pre-enrolled 10 on Apr-09-2017 and earned a $100 bonus
Miles Galindo has already pre-enrolled 11 
Myra Cranfield has pre-enrolled 15
Letty Tabali Pascua has pre-enrolled 11 and five of those were on the 9th of April, so she needs 10 more by Sunday the 16th to earn a special $100 bonus.  Remember the $100 bonus is not the big deal, the big deal is what can happen with each person pre-enrolled if properly educated and started in Isagenix…
Great job, if I am missing anyone, please let me know…

Updated Special Promotion regarding the UK Expansion:
Super important.  Get the word out quickly.  Herb Cepeda was very impressed with our UK team. He's offering a special promotion to all of our UK pre-enrollees. The first 10 that personally pre-enroll 15 on April 9th through the end of business on April 16th will get a $100 bonus. Please get the word out to everyone including the people that you pre-enroll over the next eight days! Ten $100 bills... Who wants one?
... all while setting yourself up for long term success.  Go For It!

NOTE: If Remy Font can do 10 pre-enrollments in ONE day (she did)… everyone can do ten in a week.  Teach your new pre-enrolled the importance of pre-enrolling others and watch your network of potential Isagenix UK associates explode!  You can do it, but you have to do it NOW, only three more weeks to pre-enroll!

I will be back in the UK on the 19th of April and there for the balance of the pre-launch (through the end of April).  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you are in the UK… pre-enroll as many as you can and teach them to pre-enroll others too.  If you are not in the UK, ask everyone you know and everyone you meet, “who do you know in the UK?”

Important, Erik Coover in the UK on the next roadshow.  Check out Erik’s Start page at and on FB at

I will be at the event in London England on the 22nd of April with Erik… how many will you have there on your team?

I have now made it EASY to locate our Zoom Meeting Presentation schedule… just go to and I have the schedule on the FIRST page you land on!

Note: Weekly Zoom Meeting every Monday evening at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central Time.

UK Targeted Presentations every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 PM UK time (4:30 PM Eastern/3:30 PM Central times)

Special Zoom Meeting Wednesday with Isagenix Millionaire Deanna Falchook at 9:00 PM UK time (4:00 PM Eastern/3:00 PM Central)

Monday night after the regular presentation, I will be doing a special training from what I learned this past weekend at the Isagenix Super Saturday Chicago!  You won’t want to miss this training!
Note II: There are four Zoom Meetings specifically for those in the UK and those wanting to build a team in the UK… see for all the ZOOM meetings for the week!

Deanna Falchook is an Isagenix Millionaire on the Cepeda team, she has invited us to join her “The U.K. Health Invastion” Facebook page.  Please add all your UK team and those that want to stay plugged in to the UK expansion to the page…

Hope to see everyone on one or both of the Zoom Presentations TODAY (Monday 4/10/17), if you miss them, they will be posted on under April Blog Archives.

God Bless,
Chuck Williams