Friday, June 9, 2017

Letter I just sent to a new Associate that wants to hit the ground running...

Until you get your marketing system set up, send prospects to

Have them watch the video and then follow up with a three way to one of us (Stan, Pete or preferably me)

Stan = 314-852-5129
Pete = 407-988-9367

One of us will help you set up your first several customers until you feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Fast Track to make the money!

1. Become a consultant ASAP... simply enroll two new customers that do at least 100BV each.  Place one on the right and one on the left.  We will help you with that... for ordering/placement and admin help, contact one of us.
  • earnings approximately $150 ($50 Consultant Rank Advancement bonus and estimated Product introduction bonus of $100)

2.  Become a Crystal Manager ASAP (you determine what your ASAP looks like, but it has to be within 60 days to get the $250 Crystal Manager rank advancement bonus)... help two people you personal enroll get two personally enrolled.  Note: does not have to be the first two you enrolled.  Just any two that you personally enrolled.
  • earnings approximately $450 ($250 Crystal Manager Rank Advancement bonus and two $100 Coaching bonuses)  You get a $100 coaching bonus every time (for the first 20 times) that one of your personally enrolled associates becomes a consultant.
One you have accomplished steps one and two above, it's simply a matter of repeating that activity over and over.   The faster you do it the easier it will be... no one starts out smoothly... the more people you talk to *using the system... the more success you will have... The more you use US on three way calls the faster you will learn and the more success you will have.

TIP:  Ultimate importance that you strictly follow the system using the products and get the best results possible.  No one can deny your personal experience, so make it a good one! ;)

To set up your marketing system, click on the link below and get set up.  First 30 days are free.

Lastly, this just came out today... more credibility and confirmation that we are with the right company!

God Bless,
Chuck Williams
Skype name: globalchuck