Monday, November 6, 2017

A real back and forth conversation with a prospective new customer

Artie AJ Walls named the conversation: Isagenix info.
Hi Mary! Hope all is well, I understand you you'd like to know more about Isagenix, so I included Chuck Williams, our friend from Jennings, who introduced me to this amazing product, if you don't mind. Hey Chuck! Simply because he can tell you more about it than I certainly can! πŸ˜ƒ
Hey guys!
Hi Chuck
First thing I'm sight impaired invade it takes me extra time to respond
What. Can I expect if I decide to try this?
The cost?
Hi Mary, what is it you are looking for in the area of better health and nutrition?
I'm o thyroid meds n Stan sounded like it could be cured
Stan's got me convinced the body can heal itself of anything with the proper nutrition.
Do you want/need to lose some weight too or just the thyroid issue to start with?
I have lost 14lbs recently n of course additional lose would be great
I have depression also
Okay, I am checking with Stan to see if he recommends anything in addition to the 30-day weight lose system to help with the thyroid issue.
The 30-day weight loss system is really 32 days but I guess that did not sound as good. LOL
It's $271 and includes the entire system. Breaks out to about $10 a day
Is it costly
Every month?
It replaces 68 meals during the 32 days so for most of us it is not expensive. Just moving where we spend our money to invest in our health.
I'm single mom of 2 on disability
How much money do you have to invest in your health?
Based on your budget, I will suggest the pak that is best fits your budget.
Mary Martha
I rarely spend anythuon mr
I appreciate that... however, if you don't invest something in your health ...
Can she cut down on cost thru referells in some way, as well as she goes forward Chuck
The drs. N hospital will charge me lol
Mary, what area do you live in? I am doing a small home meeting tonight in Winghaven if you are available to come and get more information and at 8 pm Stan and I are doing an online presentation.
Start Plan at 8 pm tonight.
Stan mentioned protein shakes
Yes, many of us earn enough in referrals to get our products paid for out of referral commissions/vouchers.
To night at 8 central?
Protein shakes are a key part of the 30-day weight loss system. We are running a free shipping promo this week. You could order one canister of the Pumpkin Spice Shake and get free shipping. (you can order more, but that would be the least expensive way to try it out)... there is a $29 membership fee.
Yes, tonight at 8 pm Central time.
Referrals So Artie gets. Voucher for referring me?
Probably not.
The new customer has to purchase one of the recommended packs in order to earn a referral reward. Based on your budget, I would recommend you come in with less than a package to start. So Artie won't earn a referral voucher for referring you. But he will get the satisfaction of knowing he helped you along the path to a healthier life... Seriously.
He's who to!d me about this
I understand... if there is a referral reward, he'll get it. But based on what I would recommend for you, there won't be a referral reward paid to anyone. That's OKAY...
So it will cost 29+32 for my protein
plus tax.
I have to check on the $32... I think a canister of shakes is a little more than that. It has 14 shakes in it.
What about the detoxicant
Mary , if Isagenix is able to do for you what it's done for me, and others I know, that's all that matters.
Is the detoxicant necessy?
I highly recommend the detox. We call it Cleanse for LIfe. But now you are heading back to a package making more sense. That's why they group everything you need in to a pack. But you can start with a piece or two and work your way up.
necessary. πŸ™‚
only if you want to get the toxins out of your body. πŸ™‚
How has it changed u?
@Artie AJ Walls did the program with just shakes in the beginning.
R u having more energy?
Big time and now my skinner body is adding lean muscle. I look and feel better than I have in 30 years.
Honestly, Mary after a couple weeks on the shakes, and primarily for the weight loss aspect of the program, I was not only happy with those results, but I was feeling amazing, physically and mentally. And haven't looked back since.
Wow Chuck u look great! Let my crunch some numbers n see u n Stan tonight.
Thank you for talking with me fella.πŸ˜€
Sounds good and the products come with a guarantee too.
My pleasure...
Take care
Thanks for inquiring Mary! I'm just following Chucks lead