Monday, November 27, 2017

Examples of texts and emails i sent today...

email to someone opening my emails in Leadoutcome:
I sent you a few emails through my email marketing system, but wanted to reach out to you through my personal email account.

I would be very interested in talking to you and discussing your ministry and what we have going with Isagenix in the way of better health and a potentially unstoppable income.

Are you open to having a conversation with me some time soon?

Jeff, are you interested in better health or unstoppable income? We have found our home! I'd like to help you build a serious residual income too.  Chuck

Email to someone that I reconnected with at the Prayer Breakfast a couple of months ago, but could not remember his name.  Today I remembered his name, called him and sent this as a follow up to our call.

Here is a complete Isagenix presentation from just this afternoon.

There is so much good information to share with you.

If you would be more interested in a live presentation than the recorded one above, there is one tonight at 8 pm Central time.

  • Mon 8 pm Central time we will be joining Patty Cepeda live on Zoom for a Product Focused Isagenix Overview for prospects that are more interested in the product benefits.
Finally, my marketing site is