Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Nov 1st Special... FREE Pumpkin Spice for anyone that wants one and is willing to register a Sip & Sample Event

Today ONLY... you only have until Nov 1st midnight ET time to register your own Sip & Sample party in order to get a F.R.E.E canister of Pumpkin Spice Shake... 

Here are the CHALLENGES...
Because if you do, and email corporate at to register it/them.....
1. You will receive a FREE canister of Pumpkin Spice �� shake.
2. You'll receive an ISA guy portable charger!! ��
3. If you book 2️⃣ or more your name will be entered into a drawing for lots of prizes.....including NYKO tickets!!
4. BUT THATS NOT ALL, if you're on a ChampionSHIP team, the current challenge is EVERYONE who enrolls 3 new members with an order of 150bv+ between 10/30-11/12 will win a 15 year anniversary shot glass set!! (His & Hers Ionix Glasses! ��)
Don't miss out on all this. Book your Sip & Samples NOW!!
Please ensure the following details are included in your submission to complete your registration. If you are participating in the 48-Hour Challenge and registering a Sip & Sample taking place November 6 – 12, please include your shipping address to receive your Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Shake!
Location (Address):
Attendance Goal:
Host Name (and ID if applicable):
Your Name (if different from host):
Your ID number (if different from host):
Your Phone Number:
Preferred Shipping Address:
Don’t forget to hashtag #seasonalsipandsample so we can follow your success!

For a chance to win tickets to the NYKO event I booked two Sip and Sample events at my home (in addition to the two I already have booked at other homes)
So I create an event on my Facebook page (see image below or visit the event itself at

I originally went through and invite 100 of my Facebook friends in my area to my event.
Some of them did not even know I was in Isagenix yet. :)

Have fun with it... we are going to give away F.R.E.E e-shots, serve Isagenix coffee and sample some shakes.
6:00 PM party (event) is officially over, and we're on the road to Don Wortham's Sip and Sample event that starts at 7 pm.

We are transforming lives, getting healthier, creating an unstoppable income, having FUN and making friends.
I think I have figured out what I want to do when I grow up... I am doing it! 

If you are in the St. Louis area and want to come by our Sip and Sample, let me know... But better yet, plan your own.
It's pretty easy. Here is the training link

God Bless,
Chuck Williams