Thursday, December 21, 2017

Getting Started Right Checklist

Here are the 8 Core Things I recommend to get you off to a good start!

1. Become an Associate. and click on "Member Login to go to your Isagenix backoffice and click on the big purple box that says "Become an Associate".  Fill out the form and watch the video.

2. Become a Global Associate (not necessary immediately, but don't forget to do it!)  Go to your Isagenix backoffice and click on "Orders" and then click on "International Sponsorship".  This allows you to benefit from Business Volume and sponsoring opportunities worldwide not just in your regional area of the world.

3. Review the Crystal Bonus Deadline dates and set goals to achieve each using the "Your Map to Crystal Executive" worksheet.

4. In the Isagenix Backoffice click on "Resources"
a. "Browse Library" for incredible training and resources available at your finger tips.  Training videos are excellent.
b. Click on "Tools" then click on "Tools" and "Tear Off Pads"
Order one of each pad and use them when presenting to others.
c. Click on "Manage my Website" to determine your website link for Isagenix.

5. Get yourself plugged in asap... 
a. go to and register as a new member
b. go to (LIKE and Follow the page-turn on notifications)
c. go to and book mark this page for quick and easy reference to all that is going on to support your business.
d. make sure we are friends on FB...
e. be on the Cepeda Daily Morning calls (see a. above)
f.  be on the zoom presentations and invite guests... ( for up to date schedule of events)
g. introduce your new team member to two or three key leaders that can reaffirm their decision, clarify their why, edify the sponsor and confirm the simple key to success tell your story and expose, expose, expose.

6. Review the "New Associate Guide" in the members only area of Must register to gain access to the members only area.  Review all seven steps to success, actually do them and watch your business grow.

7. Get Started!  Schedule your "Launch" meeting asap... let the world know you are open for business and ready to serve.

8. Get set up and learn to use IsaTools.

Three Bonus Tips for your success!
2. Write out your WHY
3. Write out your LIST of the top 100-300 people you want to bless with better health and/or wealth.

Tracks to Run On
1. Become a consultant and earn your first bonuses within your first week in business.  (one customer on the right and one on the left...each doing a minimum of 100BV)
2. Become a Crystal Manager within your first 60 days.
3. Become a Crystal Director within your first 120 days.
4. Become a Crystal Executive within your first 180 days.

That will get you off to a great start... stay plugged in, do the work and come grow with us as your body transforms from using the products!

Using Videos:
Using Text/Audio Recordings

Set the pace and become the example for your team to follow.