Monday, December 4, 2017

New Year Kick Off 2018

Team Members that have purchased their tickets to NYKO:

  1. Chuck Williams
  2. Diane Williams 
  3. Pamela Benjamin
  4. Lina Arrigo
  5. Versile Shaw 
  6. Rene Shaw
  7. Sincho Park
  8. Deb Avery
  9. Steve Statky
  10. Jeannette Slatky
  11. Stan Jagow
  12. Lisa Jagow
  13. Jay Rohman
  14. Steve Cunningham (2)
  15. Joanne Williams
  16. Liz Liggon
  17. Jasmine Kim
  18. Allison Choi
NYKO event is sold out for Jan 2018... congrats to all leaders who have already bought their tickets.

URGENT message, please poll your team ASAP.
Kwangsoo Shin thinks he might be able to secure some extra tickets.
I need a list of who wants a ticket(s) by the end of Sunday...

No promises, but we'll try to get you one.  Cost will be $199 per ticket.

To purchase your tickets you will have to find an associate that has purchased a ticket that is unable to attend.  You can find these on various Team Pages... Contact a leader on your team to learn more about finding available tickets as the event is SOLD OUT as of 12/12/17 (a month before the event)