Thursday, June 21, 2018

Follow up letter after a phone overview with a prospective customer


Based on our conversation and the recommendation of Jeni Sherrard and Mike Mucci, I want to invite you to review this information and consider joining our team.

For a quick, high level overview please go to and watch the "Transform Your Life" video.  (NOTE: please do not attempt to set up an account on my website. If you like what you see and learn, I will help you set up your account on Jeni's website.  The pricing on my site is retail, you will receive a substantial wholesale discount)

The following two recorded presentations are thorough and will be helpful in giving you a foundation of what Isagenix is all about.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

If you enjoy studies and details, visit for in depth product information.

Let's schedule a time to follow up soon.  
You can go to to schedule our next appointment.

Remember I mentioned you will get paid down through infinite levels and that is why we are NOT an MLM.  
MLM's only pay down through a certain number of levels...

The way this compensation plan is developed we work together to help each other.  Jeni has several other key prospective team member she is talking with about joining our team.   When you set up your account, you lock in your position on Jeni's team... the next person Jeni puts in AFTER you, falls underneath you and you get credit for ALL of their business volume too.  Same thing applies when Dr. Shirley who enrolled Jeni enrolls her next person and many others... seriously, the sooner you decide to set up your account the better for YOU.

There is a money back guarantee on the product and a free shipping promo right now, so you really have zero risk in setting up an account and trying the products as you decide whether or not to build the business. :)

If you have any concerns or questions, text or call or email me ... let's get you set up and started as soon as you are ready.

Chuck Williams

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