Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Getting Started email to James Chung

Here is what I recommend.

1. Connect with Kwangsoo Shin asap (visit his office and meet him in person) Consultant Shin's # is 661-904-8628.

2. Join us Saturday for our Korean Expansion Update training call.  

​3. Visit my blog where I share some of the tools Kwangsoo and the company have already put in to place.


Call me if you have any questions or want help in formulating a game plan to really max out this opportunity for your contacts and you.​

​July is the month we start having serious conversations with Networkers in Korea... we are having those talks already with Korean Americans and other Koreans living in markets we already serve.

Visit my blog at http://teamofhope.com for the entire call/presentation schedule and a track for "Getting Started Right".

Visit the Cepeda's page for access to our mentor's training system and tools.  http://besetfreelife.com (you will need to register on this site to have access)

​Lastly, if you need support at Corporate office, the number is 877-877-8111.​