Monday, June 25, 2018

Great Product Testimonial from Sheila Darling

Sheila Cardia Darling

So here is the result of my 👙 shopping experience this year.
I have to say, after losing (and never to find again) 20 lbs, it was a pleasurable experience. I brought 7 suits into the dressing room and left with these two.
No negative self talk, you know “my ass, my thighs, OMG where did that gut come from!” This was a first that I can remember in my adult life.
I had every excuse. I just had a baby, of course I need a grandma suit! That lasted for the 15 years I was pregnant or breastfeeding. Im post menopausal of course my body is changing! I’m stressed, etc etc!
Well I have to shout out several people here because I did not do this alone.
Shirley Piccarreto for introducing me to nutrition that works for my body. No dieting here! Pat Darling for always telling me I’m 🔥 no matter how I feel about myself and indulging me with every “diet” I ever tried! Marshall’s for having a great selection and prices! And my friends for their support and accountability!
At 55 I have never felt better both physically and mentally.
So for all of us blaming the lights and mirrors in the dressing room, life events, stage of life, and whatever other bullshit we tell ourselves, it is possible to do better and feel better. If I did it you can too!