Thursday, July 5, 2018

Examples of emails/FB msg and text that I have used to pique interest:

Joe, is the timing right yet to have a conversation about adding Isagenix to your life. For better health and/or residual wealth.  In less than a year and a half Diane and I have been able to achieve financial freedom.  Now we are pushing forward to wealth creation as our mentors Herb and Patty Cepeda have done before us... God Bless... Chuck & Diane Williams

Joe, I am reaching out to several friends this week and requesting an opportunity to discuss better health. I am NOT looking for you to "sell" for me. Just want to share a health solution that Diane and I have discovered that has transformed our lives. Released 25 pds of fat, have more energy, performing better in the gym and the healthy aging products are awesome too. If the timing is right, let's connect soon. Blessings neighbor, Chuck

Joe, hope you are doing well. Any interest in better health? Let's you and I talk soon. I would love to help you with better health and/or an unstoppable income that is real and growing. Chuck

Ok sounds good
Mary, came across you name today.  How are you doing?  Are you still interested in an incredible opportunity to both improve your health and make some extra money too?  Chuck

Joe, Came across your name today... hope you are doing well. I enjoyed our time of working together even though it was not as profitable as we had hoped it would be. If you are open to improved health and the ability to earn some extra money too, Angie and you are at the top of my list of people we would like to help. We have found something really good that really works. God Bless, Chuck

Hi Mary, just checking in on you. Still excited about your current biz? If so, I am genuinely happy for you. If not, I have absolutely found my home and would love to share our excitement with you. God Bless, Chuck

Mary, hope you and your family are doing great. If Joe and you are open and the timing is right, I have definitely found my home for life with Isagenix. The company does it right, the products have transformed my life and many others, the comp plan is the best I have seen and we have a system that allows anyone to do it on a very part time basis. If you two are open, let me know. Thanks, Chuck

Joe, just checking in.. Doctor told you need to get in shape or has a peer died of a heart attack or something? That's what it usually takes for us guys to take action regarding better health...   As I have told you before, when you are ready, I am your man!   You don't have to build the business to take advantage of the health benefits. I can show you how to refer a few people and get your products paid for or you can just pay for them without referring anyone. They (products) are guaranteed. Have a blessed day... I am here when you are ready. Chuck

Joe, open to having a conversation about Isagenix with me soon? It is going really, really well. I would love to help you, IF you are open and interested. God Bless, Chuck

Joe, Thanks for reaching out here on LinkedIn.
Saw our mutual friend Tony, so gladly accepted your request.

What's your story?

Chuck Williams


I have finally found my home to achieve financial freedom and help others with better health and financial freedom too.

If you are open and the timing is right, I would love to share the Isagenix story with you and how it has transformed my life both physically and financially.

Have an amazing day and weekend.

God Bless,


I am committed to helping friends achieve better health.

Is the timing right for us to chat about better health?

I am NOT looking for sales people.

Just people I can help get healthier.

I came across your name on Monday and made myself a note to reach out to you.

Are you at a point in your life where you are looking for better health?

Could be like me, I needed to release some unwanted, unhealthy fat.  Or maybe it's like my friend Derrick who wanted more energy.  Or my friend Vee who wanted to add lean muscle and perform better in the gym.  Or maybe like my friends Kip and Sandy who wanted to learn more about healthy aging...

I am NOT looking for you to sell anything.

I am just looking for people that I can help in the journey to better health.

If you are interested in learning more, let's talk soon.

My signature below has a couple of easy steps you can take to learn more.