Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Greg one of my friends just passed away... gives me a new sense of commitment to at least offer my help.


I have reached out to you a few times regarding the two of us getting together some time.  I have personally had a great experience using the Isagenix products/solutions to transform my own health.

I have zero problem with people not being interested, it's not for everyone.

But I made a list yesterday of 100 people I wanted to share this with and your name was included in my list.

So was the name of my high school classmate, Chuck Schaab.  Unfortunately, I found out today that he passed away 6/30/18 due to some health battles.

Would Isagenix have made a difference?

Who knows... would releasing 100 lbs have improved his health?


I never got around to asking him if he was interested.

I am committed to not allowing that to happen again.

Somebody goes on my list, I am reaching out to them and offering to share what I know about achieving better health using Isagenix nutritional solutions.

If someone is not interested, I totally respect that.

Sorry to make a long story long... but I just found out about Chuck and I am committed to reaching out to the 99 ASAP!

Are you interested in getting together for a coffee or lunch some time soon?

Have a great 4th of July.

Hope to hear from you.  There is also an amazing opportunity to develop a residual income through the referral rewards, but you don't have to tell anyone about it if you don't want to.

If you are open to meeting with me, visit http://realresultsstl.com and pick a time that is convenient for you.
We can do zoom online or preferably meet in person.