Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Helping a Trucker Build Isagenix

1. First step is find some products you can get passionate about.  Try some bars, e-shots, Ionix Supreme to start with... all great products for Truckers on the road.  Then call 877-877-8111 and set up your monthly auto replenishment (company calls it autoship) with a minimum of at least 100BV.

2. In your Isagenix back office, Click on "Resources" and go to "Manage my Website" and click on "suggested" home page for your website.  Click HERE to learn more about setting up your Isagenix Replicated website.

3. Order 250 Business Cards and be prepared to pass out on average five a day along your way back and forth across the country. :)
To order business cards go to http://isasalestools.secureshopcart.com/
Use promo code cardsfour20 to get discount

NOTE: on your business card use your replicated site that you set up in #2 above...

On your business card, put something like "Have MORE Energy While Driving" have your name, phone number, email and the site address mentioned above.

IF you want to get fancy get a domain name and then redirect your domain name to the site above...

4. In addition to giving the cards away, use Social Media to connect with people in Korea.  I have attached my notes on connecting with Koreans for more details for you.

But in a nutshell... Search for Koreans by name... "Kim", "Lee", "Park" are three of the most popular Korean last names.  I primarily use FB, others are using LinkedIn.

Once you find one that you want to connect with, do a Friend request... then send them a FB msg. "Hi my name is Kent Bayne and I am looking to make friends in Korea. Would you be my friend on Facebook?"  or something simple like that.

Once you have friends on FB (or other Social Media)... reach out to them and ask them for a favor... "Would you please introduce me to 2-3 Network Marketers in Korea?"

Once they say YES, you have them call Kwangsoo Shin when he is in Korea and send them to one of his scheduled meetings in Korea.

We have exclusive training on this every Saturday at noon Eastern at http://Iamteamofhope.com

Any questions on any of the above, go to http://realresultsstl.com and schedule a time to chat with me.  

Let's do this! :)