Monday, July 23, 2018

The Big Al Report – July 23, 2018

We don't have to be psychic.
The new distributor asked, "How do you know what to say to people? How do you know what benefit to talk about?"

For new distributors, this seems hard. For experienced networkers, we know what to talk about automatically. Here is how we do it.

People will only want to join our business if it solves a problem. So how do we know what problem they have? Easy.

We listen. People love to talk about their problems. Many times, the first thing people do when talking to strangers is tell them all about the problems in their lives. So all we have to do is keep quiet and listen. That is hard for some distributors who are eager to start talkingAT prospects about their business.

The purpose of business is to solve problems for prospects, so we shouldn’t even begin talking about our business until we know what problems our business can solve for our prospects.

Professionals find this business easy because they listen.
"How Facebook ruined my business."
I heard a speaker tell this story. He said,

"I was so excited about my company. Every time the company had an announcement, an event, a promotion, or a trip to win, I posted it on my Facebook page. Later, when I called my friends to prospect them, they all said that they already knew about my business from my Facebook page, and that they weren’t interested."

Ouch. Facebook can be awesome for our business ... or it can ruin our business. Think carefully about what we post and what our long-term strategy will be with our Facebook friends.
Things to think about.
"Talk to one person a day" is great advice ... if we say the right things. 

It is terrible advice if we say the wrong things.


Johnny: "Mom, I want to be a worthless sponsor when I grow up!"
Mom: "But Johnny, you can’t do both."
Help every team member make a profit now.
Retail sales are easy. Every team member makes an instant profit. What a great way to build belief with team members. Plus, happy customers make great prospects for our teams.

Here is an entire book of ideas on how to double our volume quickly with more retail sales. Double our volume, double our bonus check. :)

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Enjoy the week!
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

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