Thursday, August 30, 2018

Corporate Zoom Meetings and Recorded Presentations too...

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Your Ideal LifeVirtual Opportunity Events 

(formerly Experience Isagenix Presentations)

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12 PM & 9PM EST
Are you living your ideal life? Time freedom, family time, ideal job, and do you have the energy to do all of the things you’re passionate about? If you know someone interested in living an ideal life, get them to this virtual event. These events are hosted by top trainers and top income earners in Isagenix who can share the vision and opportunity that Isagenix has to offer. Join us and learn how so many lives have been transformed by Isagenix Solutions! Weight Wellness, Performance, Vitality + Well-Being, Essential Oils, Personal Care + Beauty and Financial Wellness – Tune-in to one of the following times to learn more about all of Isagenix Solutions and how they can impact your life!
All events hosted on at 12PM & 9PM EST!
Upcoming Featured Leaders:
August 28: Economic downturn leads this former insurance broker to financial prosperity with Isagenix. Learn how Steven Livoti has grown an international business in 5 countries!
August 29: This power couple freed themselves from corporate America by replacing their income through network marketing. Listen in to Zach and Eden Slobin to hear how they did it.
August 30: This savvy social worker became a full-time stay-at-home mom through her success with the Isagenix opportunity. Learn how Angela Maresca is still keeping it social.
September 4: Boss Lady, entrepreneur and self-starter Jessica Johnston used belief, passion and confidence to create a massively successful Isagenix business with no experience. All by reaching one person at a time.
September 5: Talented chef discovers ingredients to building a successful Isagenix business and serving up a better life. Sit back and take in a course of Trudy Maples.
September 6: Marathoner and fitness instructor challenges herself and races towards the opportunity she’s been looking for with Isagenix. Learn from Cyndi Walter how she leveraged her passion to excel with her Isagenix business.