Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I am a Professional Network Marketer and proud of it...

FB post From: Lisa Dunsky
Yup, haters gonna hate and I understand why they do. Today I stumbled upon a “ranting” site/app and MLM companies were taking a beating and one specifically on Isagenix.
So I decided to speak on it, here it is for y’all.
I am not looking to start an argument or sell anything either (in case you were thinking that). I believe in being fully informed on anything before I speak on it, for or against it. I would like to merely offer up real and true answers about Isagenix if anyone wants it.
What I know is true:
1. someone who wholeheartedly believes in their products effectiveness and quality will never force it down others throats.
2. There are good people and bad people, smart people and not so smart people in this world. Some do it right, some do it wrong.
3. Isagenix is network marketing, not an MLM, there is actually a vast difference.
4. Everyone in Isagenix has an opportunity to make referral bonuses and grow a residual income, people who don’t work hard and think it comes easy do not see the same income as those that do.
5. The compensation flow chart may look like a triangle and/or pyramid in shape but that is all, if you look at any corporate organization chart you will see a similar shape, an owner or CEO at the top, the management and then subordinates, etc. in that structure the people at the top make more and always do/will. In Isagenix, any spot you look at can make more than anyone above them. It’s 100% up to each individual and how much effort they put in
6. Word of mouth advertising is at the core of how we all share things. Great restaurants, clothes, movies, cars. None of those places thank you with a percentage of their profits for sending people in or referrals unless you work for them on commission.
7. I agree that there is too much advertising on social media in network marketing and multi-level marketing and many have forgotten how to just be on Facebook. However, this does not make the products, the person or the companies bad, just some people either being overexcited, feeling too amazing to be quiet about it, just doing what everyone was doing, or seemingly unaware of authentic ways to share.
8. No one in Isagenix sells products, Isagenix sells products, they then offer referral bonuses to the Isagenix customer who referred them and a residual every time anyone under them orders any more products (no matter who brought them in).
9. People don’t like MLMs if they either don’t understand them, have had a bad experience with one or one of the reps. or tried to build a business and failed, either because the person who enrolled them told them they’d be rich quick or they gave up because it was too hard. Or maybe they just heard a story from their aunts, sister who has a cousin, who’s best friend had one of the experiences above.
10. Isagenix lets you enroll your spouse and that is an additional stream of income if you are building it right. I personally think this is an incredible bonus as my husband and I generate from both business centers.
11. Some think if a friend profits in any way by buying a product through them is wrong.
We own a chiropractic clinic (yeah, another hated profession on that site) and we offer services that we get a profit from. insurance pays some, patients pay some, or all depending on the care. We are a business and we generate a profit from our business. No one gets upset by that, we make a living just like everyone else. Our referrals are a huge portion of our business.
I buy from other network marketing or direct sales companies and I’m happy my friends get a percentage of it.
I drink a LOT of champagne, a friend told tell me to try Veuve Clicquot. If she got paid every time I buy Veuve she’d be stinking rich and I would be so happy for her.
I shop at Home Goods a LOT, I tell people about the deals I get all the time, home goods doesn’t pay me to do that, I love the store and tell my friends. If I did get a profit, would that be so bad?? I mean if they did, I’d totally spend it all there, maybe they should think about a referral program. Hint hint Home Goods !!
Peace in the Middle East 🙂