Thursday, May 16, 2019

Know and own your story

I think about you from time to time... hope all is well with you. I'd like to share my story with you since it's been a while since we connected.

I was introduced to Network Marketing by my boss in Corp America back in the mid 90's. I started with the giant Amway. (learned a great deal, but would never recommend Amway as a financial opportunity to anyone based on my years of experience). Bounced around with small Network Marketing companies including a couple of exciting start ups. (learned more... I will never go with a start up!) I achieved some measure of success while learning lessons. (I have been the #1 income earner of four different Network Marketing Companies).

A little over two years ago I decided to make Isagenix my home to develop the residual income I have always wanted to achieve the financial freedom I had to have. We have become six figure earners with Isagenix and now we are set on become one of the top 25 in Isagenix which would put us in the seven figure a year category. I believe we are on pace to achieve that as early as 2020!

Tell me what is your story?