Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Presenting, following up and closing through text

Presenting, following up and closing through text🌟
When working with busy and tech savvy folks, I have started using a lot more text and Facebook messenger. I would like to share with you the tips that have worked for me so far.
Questions I ask prior to discussing pricing and offering a solution:
1) What are your goals?
2)What are you currently doing to reach that goal?
3)What are you struggling with the most?
4)Are you currently using any supplementation at all?
5)I would be more than happy to add you to my private coaching page if you'd like, so you can take a look around (add them, tag 1-2 relevant videos and create a welcome post - I typically use the Be Set Free Life Product Page)
6)If you were to replace two meals out of your day with the Isagenix full meal replacement shakes which two meals would you pick?
7)What are you currently eating for these two meals?
8)How often do you eat out at restaurants or fast food?
9)What do these two meals cost you per day?
10)Here's the verbiage I use to present the systems and close a sale through Facebook Messenger or text:
🌟"Alright! I have two systems in mind for you. The basic system includes your month supply for two shakes daily replacing two of your meals. That pack breaks down to under $7 a day. It's $189 plus your $39 annual membership fee plus shipping. 
The absolute best system though that I most highly recommend is the Forever Pak! 95% of the people I work with get started with this system. It includes one Shake meal replacement per day but also comes with a bottle of Isagenesis which you learned about in the video at  The Forever Pak is $188 plus your $39 annual membership fee plus shipping.
Note: I currently have a coupon that waives the membership fee, so mention that you want to use my coupon code and I will give it to you.
Which pack sounds like the best fit for you?"🌟
11)Depending on their answer I either schedule a day and time for them to order or I sending them an order link from the IsaLife app so they can enroll right away if they're ready.