Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tips for prospecting online and via text/messenger

Someone comments or likes your post.
If they comment, like their comment.
If they like your post, send them a msg thanking them for liking your post

Then very shortly after doing that, in messenger send them this message.
Mary, by the way, if you would be interested in transforming your  health, I am passionate about helping others and would love to help. Let me know, if you would like to learn more.  Thanks,  

If interested in learning more, you send the Forever Pak video (http://foreverpak.com) and schedule a time to follow up (on the follow up have myself available to assist you... preferably on Zoom, but phone 3-call works too)

Once you have generated some level of interest, here is a guide for building a relationship and working through messenger or text.

Mike mentioned a post AFTER you have posted the story about 7 times, this is what I would suggest for that.

Also, if you start using your FB page here are some instructions for that...