Sunday, August 18, 2019

Home Meeting Outline

How to do a successful home meeting.

  1. Share your story and be real... what was life like before, how did you find out about Isagenix, what has changed and how do you feel about the future. 
  2. Video presentation... use whenever possible (if short on time, go to and use the short version of the "Isagenix Advantage"
  3. Testimonials from customers and associates in attendance (60 seconds each)
  4. Comp plan overview with "You Share/They Share and how to cycle.  Cycles are residual income.
  5. Pass out order forms.
  6. Sip some samples (coffee, shake and maybe some cut up bars... keep it simple and duplicatable)
  7. Enroll new customers.
  8. Book your next meeting and meetings for your new customers. (Register all meetings at for tremendous benefits!)