Sunday, April 5, 2020

How to Promote Your Online Events

My name is Chuck Williams the Founder of Team of Hope and does our world ever need HOPE! With more and more people being forced to work and do ministry from home, I wanted to share some tips I have learned over the years to promote events online. You see I have been working from home for over a decade as a successful entrepreneur and ministry leader. My ministry is with my church, Element Church in Wentzville, MO (links below) and CBMC/Ministry to Men/Project 200 (all three of these ministries focus on Evangelism and Discipleship) My business is promoting Health and Wealth. Here are just some of the tips I share in this video on how to Promote an Online event. I am assuming you know how to set up a Facebook event, if I am wrong, contact me and I will help you. (my contact info is below) 1. Share the event through the "Share" feature on the event itself. Share on your own FB page, share with your friends in FB and share in Groups and Pages you manage (if appropriate) 2. Communicate to those you invited that don't show interest or indicate that they are "Going" to your event. Chances are they didn't see it and would be interested IF they knew about it. (there I go always thinking positive!) In my example of the Good Friday Conference Call on Zoom that I am promoting, this it the link I would use to get people right to the event itself: 3. Solicit help from everyone to promote (SHARE) your event. Start with those that say they are "Going", then do those that say they are interested. Then reach out to those that you have invited but have yet to respond at all. The time of your event just might not work for some, but they might invite 100+ of their friends if they think it is a worthwhile event. 4. Get out of FB too... don't rely on just sharing your event and using FB messages to promote your meeting. Text, Call, Email... the link to your event and ask for help sharing then too. 5. Communicate within your Event by posting and building excitement and momentum for your event as it gets closer. Be sure and ask for their help in sharing with others in your posts too. Bonus Tips: 1. Don't msg too many people too fast in FB or your will get put in time out! Been there done that. I think 20 at a time is pretty safe, but just don't overdo it. Use your SMS text if you need to do a lot in a hurry. 2. Zoom has some new protections to prevent people from crashing your meeting unwanted and uninvited. So make sure your guests know the password. 3. Assign an admin for your Zoom meeting, so the presenters can focus on presenting and the admin can focus on admitting people to the meeting. 4. For this Good Friday Conference call/zoom event we have a volunteer that is going to help people the entire week leading up the meeting itself making sure anyone wanting to attend that is not familiar with Zoom can get help prior to the event. 5. We'll get on the Zoom meeting 30 minutes before the meeting to help some that need a little extra help too. Hope this video has been helpful in teaching you some ways I have learned to promote online events. Many of these tips work just as well for physical meetings (when those are allowed again) Important Links: Good Friday Conference Call: "As You Go" FB Page: Chuck Williams Personal FB page: Chuck Williams Business Page: Team of Hope, Health and Wealth Coaching Ministry: Element Church: CBMC: Ministry to Men: Project 200: I am not on staff with any of the four mentioned ministries above. I am sharing their links for informational purposes only as they have all greatly impacted my life. I hope this video has been of value to you. If so, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share this video with others that you think might benefit. God Bless, Chuck Williams Founder and President of Team of Hope, Inc 636-734-0497