Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sample Scripts for Text and Networking Meeting/Events

45 Second Commercial for My Networking Group:

Chuck Williams Team of HOPE!
I have an online business that’s wellness based.
My specialty is teaching people how to earn money from HOME.

People of all walks of life are more open to a home based biz than ever before!

My company has produced over 300 millionaires and over 20 that earned a seven figure income last year.

The “New Normal” that we’re experiencing right now has caused me to shift my focus from customer acquisition to HELPING people learn how to earn an income working from HOME.

A GOOD referral for me is someone that’s been negatively affected by the CURRENT situation.
       Personal Trainers
       Hair Stylist
       Dental Hygienists

Last night while I slept I earned over $200 residual income from volume created in four countries.  If you know someone looking to earn money from home, I am Your Man with a Plan.

Chuck Williams Team of HOPE!

1. People of all walks of life are more open to a legit home based business than ever before.  Isagenix has 300+ people that have earned a million dollars or more. There is your validation... Plus 20+ earned a million or more last year alone.  If that's not enough validation are mentors Herb and Patty Cepeda earned $2.4 million last year mostly residual!

2. If you had to pick a product to be offering the masses right now can you think of anything better than healthy nutritious food delivered right to your front door?  Well that is what Isagenix has been doing for 18 years now!

Those of us that understand the times and the position we find ourselves realize this is the window to develop serious residual income and set yourself up for the rest of your life.