Thursday, May 7, 2020

Step 1. Develop Your List

The following video is how I start every every person I train...

Watch the video below before building your list or contacting people.
Frazier Brooks Social Media Training:

The System: To Build Your Contacts and Your List
It's how you grow your list and never run out of people to talk to...

Strategy: Post on Your Social Media

"I am grateful for ....
What are you grateful for?"

Examples (be authentic)

"all my Network Marketing friends providing love and light to others in need."

"Zoom and the ability to stay connected with my grandkids (and kids) during these times"

"My Work From Home Income"

"My Health"

"All the Health Professionals"

NOTE: This is one of a dozen or more ways to build your list...check with a leader of the Team of Hope if you have any issues building your list!

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