Thursday, June 4, 2020

first-ever Celebration LIVE

As our first-ever Celebration LIVE, this event is going to be legendary. You know as well as we do that it doesn’t matter if we’re sitting in the same room or joining online, we’re always better together. And we’re even better when we get to learn from trainers like these!

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Here's what you can expect at General Session

The reveal of Isagenix 2.0, the new era of Isagenix
The launch of BRAND-NEW products
Incredible speakers and panels showing you how to embrace You 2.0

General Session trainers

Jim and Kathy Coover | Erik Coover | Travis Ogden | Joshua Plant, Ph.D. | Sharron Walsh
Kathy’s Panel
Lindsay Hoffbuhr | Zach Slobin | Susan Sly
Emily Vavra | You 2.0 keynote

Celebration LIVE is going to be legendary.

Breakout Session trainers

Product FAQ
Lindsay Gnant | Erica Morrissey | Dianna Carlson | Alex Mohr | Taylor Malham
Building Your 30-Day Action Plan
DelRae Messer
Connecting, Following Up, and Closing
Kal Elampooranar | Ciji Siddons | Debi Beebe | Lloyd Ross
Overcoming Objections
Michael and Lynn Clouse
Compensation Plan
Dawn Ferrentino
Converting Product Users to Business Builders
Christopher Nish | Vicki Pollack | Hilari Courtney | Jennifer Corliss Trinkner
Social Media
Alfonso Catania | Whitney Beers | Natalia Mulieri | Robin Belfrey
Roadmap to Crystal Executive and 3-Star Golden Circle
Laura Stevens
Developing Leaders To Grow a Large Organization
Tyler Dickerhoof
Isagenix 2.0 Technology
Tanya Kirkpatrick
Core System and Zija
Sara Richter | Joel McNinch
Erik Coover | Ben Kelly | Abby O’Neil | Mackenzie Arball
Clinical Studies
Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D.

More information on our breakout sessions is coming soon.

We can’t wait to see you at Celebration LIVE July 17-18!
The Isagenix Team