Monday, June 22, 2020

Our prospect says, "I lost my job. I need a full-time income.

"I lost my job."

Our prospect says, "I lost my job. I need a full-time income. I need a job. Network marketing is not for me."

Our prospect is absolutely right.

Network marketing is not designed to be an instant full-time income. But there is one thing that network marketing is excellent for: security. Having a part-time income as a network marketer is great when someone loses their job.

Well, no time for that now. It is too late to build a network marketing income for today’s problem. However, now is a great time to start building a network marketing business for tomorrow’s problems. This prospect could lose his job again in the future.

Our prospect is unemployed. It will take weeks or months of job searching, interviews, and then possibly a job offer. That is reality.

During these weeks and months before the next job is secured, why not spend that time wisely building a network marketing business?

Waiting three hours in the lobby for an interview? We could read a motivational or skill-based book. Or, we could make prospecting appointments while waiting to hear back for a job interview appointment.

Yes, if we lose our job, this actually gives us more time to build a part-time business for the future.

So now our prospect says, "I lost my job."

How do we respond? We say, "While searching for your next job, you can be productive building your part-time business for the future. That way your job search time won’t be wasted, and you can feel like you are actually progressing."