Monday, June 15, 2020

Tips from Trainer Big Al

Does this close work for you?

"Instead of tying 100% of your income to your job, let’s get a second income going so you will feel safer."

Did we catch the magic words, "Instead of," in this close? Here are a few more examples.

  • Instead of trying to get by on one paycheck ...
  • Instead of making car payments yourself ...
  • Instead of paying for all your holidays ...
  • Instead of trying to save what little is left of your paycheck every month ...

This makes closing easy for us, while giving our prospects a choice.
Uh-oh. Why our prospects are worried.

In the past, companies hired local workers. The only competition for their jobs were people within driving or commuting distance from work.

However, for the past few months, many companies have let their employees work from home. It worked. Companies now know that their local workers can be replaced by less expensive workers from other areas. Now these jobs are open for competition throughout the world.

Workers are nervous. They want more security. Our network marketing businesses can offer them a second income to help protect them from future job competition.
We don't GET referrals, we RECEIVE referrals.

We shouldn’t think of referrals as things we need to go out and push for. They are things that people are generous enough to give us, and we are grateful to receive them.

If we start from this mindset, it gets easier. Prospects can read our intention through our micro-facial expressions, our body language, and our tone of voice.

The easiest script I know for getting referrals is:

"I am looking for people with [this problem,] who want to fix it. Do you know anyone like that?"

Ready to follow up with customers and prospects who said "no" to our offer and get more referrals? Read this book.