Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Announcing New Monthly Team Call

This communication is going to my personals in Tapestri and those that I am personally working with.

The company is using our FB Group for Tapestri Affiliates to keep everyone informed.

Please make sure you are in the Tapestri FB group

(You have to answer the three questions to get approved and accepted into the group. It is for Tapestri affiliates only, not your prospects.)

The texts I have been sending you are not a group text, they are sent out one at a time and I won't be doing that anymore, so PLEASE join me the fourth Sunday night every month at 9 pm Central for a Team Fireside Chat.

Join my Zoom Meeting Room every Sunday night at

Our first Team Zoom will be July 25th! (invite your team to join us too)

Our first Fireside Chat will cover the game plan to earn whatever income you desire as shown below.

What is your desired income from your Tapestri business.

1= $100-$300/monthly

2= $1,500/monthly



Chuck Williams

636-734-0497 should redirect you to this page @ does it?