Sunday, August 15, 2021

Email to my Tapestri Personally Enrolled Kicking Off Beta

 Subject: Tapestri Beta starting 8/16/21, now is the time to set yourself up for what is happening! 

The link you need to enroll new Affiliates is in your Tapestri back office on your Dashboard.


Friday: 3 pm Est / Noon Pacific

Founder Walter Harrison, Dani Walker & Chuck Williams present Tapestri with Q&A Session 

Back Office Login: 

Tapestri Resource Files: 

Super Important.. answer all three questions and join the 

Official Tapestri Affiliate Group: (for affiliates only) 

*Only those who answer all of the questions will be added to the group 

  • The Founding Members Promotion ends the day Tapestri goes live. Anyone who becomes an active Tapestri Affiliate before the app launches gets 12 months affiliate administration fees waived. Pay $9.95 once and get 12 months free! 

Tapestri ~ It's Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It! 

Here is the process I'm using to build my Affiliate team. 

1. An opportunity has been shared with me by a technology company out of Chicago to be an affiliate and give away a cool, free app. Pays great. I'm gonna send you a one minute video... check it out.  

2. Tapestri 58 Second Promo Video:
If curious or interested, let me know.  If not, no worries 🙃
I think you’re awesome!

3. Glad you're interested. The app rocks! Check this out:  
from Walter Harrison, Founder, "The Beginnings of Tapestri" 

4. Okay, here's how the Affiliate Program works! 
Tapestri Affiliate Program Comp Plan Overview

5. When you're ready, you register as an Affiliate at (replace this link with YOUR username instead of globalchuck)

Any questions, let me know.


Chuck Williams

​Affiliate Manager 


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