Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Support System...


Hi Chuck ... please plug into our

You should know that our team has a tremendous support system in place
starting with
Chuck Williams who does weekly Zoom calls
Tuesday & Thursdays @ http://IAmTeamOfHope.Com  ...

Simply go to the link above @

7 PM Central on Tuesday

Evenings where
Chuck holds a Live Meeting in the St Louis area that he broadcasts on
Zoom.  On Thursdays ... there are TWO CALLS - 3 PM Central & 8:30 PM
Central ... please try to attend these calls and bring your prospects so we
can help you grow your business ...

Herb & Patty Cepeda are the TOP INCOME EARNERS with Isagenix
and are our upline support as well ...

Prior to Isagenix they were CONSULTANTS on how to grow your network for
17 years and they charged their clients $60,000.00 for that service and were
very successful at it ...

They have taken that same concept and have applied it to Isagenix and their
team giving them support Monday through Friday @ 8:30 AM Eastern with
a half an hour to an hour call ... and YOUR SUCCESS can be DIRECTLY

Go to:  http://IBelieveYouCan.Com ... and REGISTER so that you can gain the
invaluable support information INSIDE and gain access to their recorded calls!!

Once you have Registered ... then simply LOGIN ... hover your mouse over "Daily Calls"
in the top menu bar under the video to display the drop down menu and then click on
"Daily Calls" in that drop down menu and it will display the last 7 recorded calls with their
appropriate dates and they suggest that you download your favorite call to your computer
to be able to use again and again to refer to from time to time or as you see fit ...

Have an incredible day ... see you on the calls!!

Rod Dockter rod@therightchoice.info 701-204-5489

Thanks to Rod Dockter for the above summary of the available system.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Letter I sent to a friend encouraging him to become an Isagenix customer

Please consider becoming a customer of my new Isagenix business.  I have found my business home for life!  I love helping people and this fits me perfectly.  If you love the product like I do, the business side happens naturally. :)

Please check out http://globalchuck.com for performance, weight loss, healthy aging and energy.

There is no obligation short term or long term and your first purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  So you can try it at no risk. 

I personally released 22 pounds in a short period of time and have kept it off.  Results vary from person to person, but everyone I have turned on to the products has been very happy that I did. 

I will be in London England the next couple of weeks, I will call you when I get back home to discuss further. 

But you don't have to wait if you don't want to... you can call Diane and she can help you set up an account and place your first transformational order... I think you will be amazed at how good it feels to give your body the proper nutrition.  Diane's cell is 636-699-8008.


God Bless,
Chuck Williams
Skype name: globalchuck

Tom (my friend) showed interest, so I sent this follow up message:

Hey Tom,

I sent you a text with these two sites that are rich with product info...

Best way to find out is try the products/system.  There is a 100% money back guarantee.

No way I can guarantee you results, but check out what has happened for my brother, Jim!

Plus, I am not looking too bad either. :) LOL

I used to suck in my gut when getting my picture taken.
I don't have to do that any more! LOL
Plus I have more energy and feel healthier.

Thanks for agreeing to come out to the event on the 20th of June.
I have attached flyer again for easy reference.

Let's talk about how you can get your products for free...

Special Presentation Thursday with #1 Income Earner Patty Cepeda...

Special Presentation Thursday with #1 Income Earner Patty Cepeda... Pack the Call!  Bring everyone you can to hear her amazing story!

Thursday UK Isagenix Product Overview
@ 9 PM UK Time (4 pm Eastern/3 pm Central will be
@ http://IAmTeamofHope.com

Mark Levesque discusses "Why Isagenix"


Using LinkedIn Effectively (Actual conversation with my friend, Tony Holt. Prospects name changed.)

A conversation with a friend on LinkedIn

·         May 24 Chuck Williams sent the following message at 11:51 AM

o    Hi Tony, just back in the good old US of A... Glad to hear the event went well last week. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. You have probably seen this on Facebook, but just in case you missed it. http://teamofhope.blogspot.com/2017/05/jim-williams-before-and-after-pictures.html Thanks, Chuck

11:51 AM

·         June 4 Chuck Williams sent the following message at 8:49 PM

o    Tony, Are you in town and available on the evening of the 20th of June? I have Herb Cepeda, my mentor in Isagenix in town that evening (20th).  I need my friends and family to help me fill a room... Herb is the #1 Income Earner in all of Isagenix.  I am really blessed to have him mentoring me. It will be a very entertaining, informational presentation that I am confident you will receive valuable information. No obligation or expectation on my part.  I still believe there is a way you and I can really work well together. Whether you are interested in better health or unstoppable income, it will be awesome. Tuesday night 6/20/17,  Isagenix meeting with Herb Cepeda... @7 pm, @17 Research Park Dr., Saint Charles 63304.  Please let me know if you can join us. Thanks! Chuck

8:49 PM

·         Today Tony Holt sent the following messages at 11:04 AM


I don't think Carolyn and I are interested at this time.

I would like to get together with you again soon just to stay up to date on how M2M is going. Thank you for sending us Rick Sabbert. He has been a great addition to our team.

·         11:04 AM

·         Chuck Williams sent the following message at 11:32 AM

o    Tony, I did not think you would be interested based on previous conversations we have had. However, if your evening is free, I would still appreciate you considering attending just to support the launch of our business. I am not serving Steak dinner like you did at the IRC dinner... LOL But your attendance and support would be appreciated. If not, no biggie... I just promised 100+ in the room and I am asking my family and friends to consider helping me achieve my commitment. :) LOL I would love to get together, but will have to be in July. Two weeks of full out promoting the Cepeda event. Week in London for the official launch of Isagenix in the UK and a week in OK helping my son with his youth group (summer camp and a vacation Bible school for Native American children)... God Bless, Have an amazing week... Chuck
      PS If you can't come, please consider someone else that might be interested in the benefits of our products and better health.


·         Tony Holt sent the following message at 12:05 PM

Normally I would jump at the chance based on your sincere and compelling ask. Tuesdays are my night with my 3 teenagers. Wish I could be there to help support, I will consider who I can ask. Do you know John Smith? He is with ABC Company and always seems up for networking opportunities.

·         12:05 PM

·         Chuck Williams sent the following message at 12:33 PM

o    Tony, I appreciate your reply. I have no (zero) problem with a "no" answer. :) I don't know John Smith, but would love for you to invite him, if you feel he might be interested. Blessings my friend... let's connect in July. Love, Chuck

12:33 PM

Tony Holt sent the following message at 2:55 PM

John Smith said he can make it. He is a young guy who used to work here at Sports Fusion with Greg. He has been to many IRC events and is a pretty good networker for his age. Hope it helps, I will consider others as well. :)

2:55 PM


Chuck Williams sent the following message at 3:12 PM

o    Helps a whole lot and feels good that you would do that for me. Thanks! Please have him go to our FB event page and let us know he is coming...http://bit.ly/2qJbKNP

Isagenix recognized as Top 20 Company for 2017! (This is HUGE NEWS!)


Note: we are a 15 year old company!  The other companies in the top twenty average 40-45 years in business... any idea who is heading to #1?

Letter I just sent to a new Associate that wants to hit the ground running...

Until you get your marketing system set up, send prospects to http://besetfreelife.com

Have them watch the video and then follow up with a three way to one of us (Stan, Pete or preferably me)

Stan = 314-852-5129
Pete = 407-988-9367

One of us will help you set up your first several customers until you feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Fast Track to make the money!

1. Become a consultant ASAP... simply enroll two new customers that do at least 100BV each.  Place one on the right and one on the left.  We will help you with that... for ordering/placement and admin help, contact one of us.
  • earnings approximately $150 ($50 Consultant Rank Advancement bonus and estimated Product introduction bonus of $100)

2.  Become a Crystal Manager ASAP (you determine what your ASAP looks like, but it has to be within 60 days to get the $250 Crystal Manager rank advancement bonus)... help two people you personal enroll get two personally enrolled.  Note: does not have to be the first two you enrolled.  Just any two that you personally enrolled.
  • earnings approximately $450 ($250 Crystal Manager Rank Advancement bonus and two $100 Coaching bonuses)  You get a $100 coaching bonus every time (for the first 20 times) that one of your personally enrolled associates becomes a consultant.
One you have accomplished steps one and two above, it's simply a matter of repeating that activity over and over.   The faster you do it the easier it will be... no one starts out smoothly... the more people you talk to *using the system... the more success you will have... The more you use US on three way calls the faster you will learn and the more success you will have.

TIP:  Ultimate importance that you strictly follow the system using the products and get the best results possible.  No one can deny your personal experience, so make it a good one! ;)

To set up your marketing system, click on the link below and get set up.  First 30 days are free.

Lastly, this just came out today... more credibility and confirmation that we are with the right company!

God Bless,
Chuck Williams
Skype name: globalchuck