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Isagenix for Life
Published by Chuck Williams
Adaptogens are another group of herbs that help us face and handle stress as it happens👍🏻
Stress is the body’s heightened physiological response to stimuli, both good and bad. 💪🏻
The adrenal glands secrete stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline, which create a cascade of effects including a rush of energy, increased heart rate, and rising blood pressure. 👎🏻
These hormones act as an emergency response to a temporary situation, subsiding to normal functioning when the event has passed. However, constant release of these hormones can result in a weakened immune response, over-stressed mind, and harmful inflammation.🙀
🎉ADAPTOGENS CAN HELP people handle stress by providing the following:
✔️Antioxidant activity
✔️Liver protection and antitoxin activity
✔️Improved blood-sugar metabolism
✔️Less craving for alcohol or sugar
✔️Improved immune resistance
✔️Increased energy and stamina
✔️Improved muscle tone
✔️Increased strength
✔️Faster recovery
✔️Better focus and concentration
✔️Less anxiety
✔️Better sleep
✔️Better motivation and productivity
✔️A feeling of well-being
✔️Better moods.
IONIX SUPREME is the go-to Adaptogenic product!

Curious what a 5 day "nightly cleanse" looks like?

 **Cleansing with intermittent fasting ... while you sleep 😴 Oh yeah!! 

Perhaps you're not able to do full day cleanses for medical reasons or you just want to change things up a bit, shock your body, break through a plateau... then CHECK OUT THIS regimen from the brilliant Dr Michael Colgan - world renowned nutritionist and health coach. 

The Isagenix program guide speaks of a full one day, or a back to back 2 day cleanse ... OR a daily serving of cleanse every night at bedtime. 

Here is Dr Colgan's explanation of how to do a very effective NIGHT TIME cleanse for 5 nights in a row. 
Cleansing while you sleep basically! 🕙 ZZzzzzz 


8:00PM- Complete any snacks, shakes or solid food intake by 8PM. 

10PM - Drink 2 scoops Cleanse for Life mixed with a minimum of 8oz of water. (Or drink 4oz of the liquid concentrate) 

10AM- First consumption of food. Preferably a shake or an Isalean bar. 

(Any morning exercise is best before 10AM on these days.. works really well on this cleanse regimen) 
Note: Continue the rest of the day with your shake day regimen... 2 shakes, 2 snacks and a healthy knife/fork meal of your choice (or if on maintenance, follow your usual maintenance routine) 

This gives you an intentional 5 night cleanse ... with 12/14 hours of intermittent fasting nightly .. mostly while you sleep! 🕘🕝🕟🕠 
Do this for 5 nights in a row then give it a break for 2/7 days then feel free to do again. 
Twice a month would be great 🙌🏼❤🙌🏼 
So simple! 
**Cleanse for Life - 
Our body accumulates impurities due to stress, poor diet and pollution. Nutritional cleansing (with Cleanse for Life) nourishes our body with nutrition-packed natural substances and assists our body and circulatory system CLEAR OUT those unwanted chemicals and impurities. 

PLEASE NOTE: Full day cleanses (in particular 2 day back to back cleanses) will produce the best fat/weight loss results.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Greatest New Customer Promo We’ve Ever Offered

The 'Trifecta' Promotion to Get You to Crystal Manager!
Take Advantage of the Greatest New Customer Promo We’ve Ever Offered

There’s never been a better time to help your friends and family members get serious about their wellness and join you on the IsaLife™ journey! To make it easy, we’re offering a first-ever trifecta of savings for new Customers to help you earn bonuses through some of our current promotions!

New Customer Promo
New Customers who join Isagenix and place a qualifying initial order between now and Sunday, April 1, 2018, could receive up to US$98/CA$105 in savings. While they enjoy the savings, you can use this opportunity to help earn Product Introduction Bonuses, Double PIBs, and the Rapid Crystal Reset bonuses on top of your regular commissions.
New Customers who join Isagenix during this promotion period are eligible for up to three promotions on their initial orders. Here’s how the Trifecta promotion breaks down:
Free ground shipping* up to US$50/CA$55 with a 150 BV+ initial order.
Free one-year membership* with a 150 BV+ initial order.

In addition to free ground shipping and free membership, new Customers who order 200 BV+ on their initial orders can add 1 free 6-pack box of e+™ shots or a 12-pack of e+ shots at half price.** (Let your Customer know that they must add the e+ box to their initial order at the time of purchase to receive this offer. A credit will be applied upon checkout.)

This generous free ground shipping* offer is enough to ship the most massive of initial orders, so be sure your Customers consider the Weight Loss Value Pak when they join. But wait, there’s more! New Customers who join Isagenix with the Weight Loss Value Pak will receive an additional US/CA$29 off their order (instead of a free one-year membership*) because the Value Paks already include a one-year free membership!

Not only will your Customers get a tremendous start on achieving weight wellness, you could also earn a PIB of US$100/CA$110 when you enroll a new Customer on a Weight Loss Value Pak. And if you have two Customers get started on that pak during this promotion, you would be eligible for double PIBs for a total of US$400/CA$440! WIN! WIN! WIN! Now, THAT’S a TRIFECTA!
March has been an absolute blast! Let’s keep this incredible growth going as you welcome others in joining you on your health and wellness goals.
P.S. Keep up the great work on the Rapid Crystal Reset promotion. This is the last week to reach Crystal Manager!
*Free Isagenix ground shipping (US$50/CA$55 value) and one year of free Isagenix membership is automatically applied to qualifying orders placed from March 26, 2018 (12 a.m. ET) through April 1, 2018 (11:59 p.m. ET). To qualify, a new Customer or new Preferred Customer in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico must place an initial retail or wholesale product order of 150 BV or more. Qualifying new Customers who select a system or pak including a free one-year membership in their initial product order will receive a US/CA$29 discount instead.
**New Customers in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico who place an initial product order of 200 BV or from March 26, 2018 (12 a.m. ET) to April 1, 2018 (11:59 p.m. ET) can receive one six-pack box of e+ shots for free if they order one or more boxes of six-pack e+ shots a la carte. Discount does not apply to six-pack boxes of e+ shots included in paks or systems. BV on discounted items will be reduced to reflect the discounted price. Offer is automatically applied at checkout on qualifying orders.

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Setting up your Isagenix replicated website

We are constantly looking for new ways to invest in the people who share our products and our lifestyles. Your success is our success! One of the many ways we offer that support is a replicated website that makes sharing products easy.

We’re thrilled to announce a new layout that is simpler, easier to navigate, and creates a stunning, modern website for potential Customers to use. In this new layout, your replicated website can include:
  • One large video.
  • Three product or system suggestions.
  • Information about yourself.
  • An easy-to-use contact form.
To see what the new replicated site looks like, click here.
This page is designed to share the best parts of Isagenix and engage potential new Customers without overwhelming them. If your prospect does purchase products through your replicated website, even better!
Follow these five easy step to create your own replicated website:
  1. Log in to your Back Office.
  2. Click the Resources tab at the top, and select “Manage My Website.”Manage My Website
  3. Choose “Featured” from the page layout options.
  5. Customize your website to your liking.
  6. Share it! It’s that simple.
Once your replicated website is set up with the Featured Video, share it with friends, family, and prospects for an easy way to share the Business for the Future with them directly from your page.

For those not necessarily interested in the Business, share the IsaMovie site at (this is automatically set up for you... just make sure you use YOUR USER NAME.
We know this new layout can help transform your business! Share it today!

From John Anderson's notes (he is our Isagenix Founder)

The IsaSnacks are part of an important calculation, balanced nutrients formulated for a reason. 

The need to stabilize blood sugar was a factor when I originally designed the 9-day system. 

Adding a snack 6 times a day stimulates the colon slightly, adds a small amount of carbohydrates, and stabilizes blood sugar. 

Ketosis is necessary for uncovering (Burning fat) where toxins are present. 

So, the need to enter a mild state of ketosis is a must for really detoxifying and BURNING FAT! 

Adding any other nuts and food will disrupt the process. 

Diabetics and Hypoglycemic individuals must watch their blood sugar closely for LOW blood sugar. If this occurs, then it is recommended you eat a slice of apple or fruit and if needed, repeat until levels are back to normal.

BeSetFreeLife recorded presentations

BeSetFreeLife recorded presentations see

Isagenix Presentation by Deanna Falchook with Chuck Williams

Deanna Falchook was the 200th Isamillionaire ...Mom of 8 kids. 4 star crystal exec, 7 star golden circle, women of isagenix, president quest winner, rising star, top rank advancement award winner, top achiever all 5 years. started in 2013....

For additional BeSetFreeLife recorded presentations see

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Leadership Training

  1. New and updated Getting Started Right
  2. Rapid Crystal Reset update
  3. Call/Presentation schedule
  4. 5/5/18 Patty Cepeda coming to St. Louis for a Super Saturday
  5. Kwangsoo Shin's Saturday training

Friday, March 23, 2018

Chuck Williams edification script and story

Chuck's Edification Script:
Married to my high school sweetheart, Diane Williams, for 37 years, four grown children and 6 grandchildren. #1 income earner with four network marketing companies, achieved top of the Isagenix comp plan Crystal Executive in 19 days and is one of the up and coming leaders, presenters and trainers on the #1 team's in Isagenix, Herb and Patty Cepeda.

When appropriate, my passion is Christian ministry. Very active in my church and men's ministry.

Chuck's Story:
Background: My background is Corp America where I started working at a very young age and by the time I was 24 I relocated my wife and first son to Houston TX to take the job as General Manager of an industrial laundry plant. Although successful in Corp America I did not enjoy the stress that came with the job, or the long hours and travel that came as I moved up the Corp ladder. Then came the so-called cost saving lay offs later in my career.

I discovered Network Marketing which is the most powerful form of marketing there is because it involves word of mouth. Not to be confused with MLM, which I personally dislike and understand quite well why many others dislike it too. The Nutrition company that I have found is best known for their Nutritional Cleanse.

Not only did I lose 22 pounds, I also heard about how people across the board were losing 5 to 20 pounds of fat in under 2 weeks on the Isagenix systems!

I found a way to get my health back. I look and feel better than I have in decades. But I also discovered a way to develop immediate and residual income simply by sharing my story with others and finding others that were interested in better health and/or an unstoppable residual income too.

My future is extremely bright as I now have a proven vehicle to help me achieve my dreams while helping others to a healthier future with me. The thing I am most excited about is the ability to share this incredible gift with others. We are just starting Global expansion so the potential is literally unlimited.

Opportunity/Business Overview

A major thing I attribute to my success is that I have the privilege of working with Herb & Patty Cepeda - the number 1 income earners worldwide with Isagenix!   Achieving that status in just over 5 years – they’ve blown past everyone who had been here for years before them because of their incredible, proprietary training and support systems exclusive to this team.  They come to the table with 26 years of experience in this industry, and have earned over $20 million with Isagenix and are currently earning almost $3 million a year residual.  This is indicative of this team – so many on our team are earning 6, multiple 6, and 7 figure a year incomes.  I feel it’s due to their exclusive and proprietary support systems

Herb & Patty will tell you that they had lost hope they’d see another company they’d put their name to b/c of the thousands of companies that start up each year and fail, to date there’s only been 9 companies that have risen to a $billion a year or more and sustained that!  So, when Isagenix came to them, through a coaching client - they quickly realized they were looking at the next multi- billion dollar a year company. 

The 5 elements necessary to even consider involvement with a company in this industry according to Patty and Herb’s criteria are:

1 - Company and its stability, with leadership that has experience in this industry

The company closed business last year at just under $900 million!!!  We are debt free and open for business in 13 countries all on a debt free basis!!!  There are 169 people who've earned over a million dollars with Isagenix in 13 years, growing daily and hundreds earning 6, multiple 6, and 7 figure /year incomes!   Isagenix is entering into explosive growth; the time to position yourself is now is perfect!

The owners, Jim and Kathy Coover understand the industry, which is very important.  Jim & Kathy Coover have made millions and were in retirement when John Anderson brought them this unique, one of a kind system that had the safe side benefits of weight loss.  With 80% of the population considered overweight and 33% considered obese, and nothing on the market that compares to what John Anderson had put together, they came out of retirement to change people's health and wealth!  As a matter of fact, their goal is to create more six and seven figure a year earners than any other Network Marketing company; and they are already doing that!  It's clear how that is happening once you fully understand the compensation plan Isagenix is employing which utilizes a team building idea-  that allows the average person, who's never done anything like this before, to make money.   It is the most lucrative pay plan I've seen ever!

2 - The Products must be consumable, unique is a bonus factor, and emotional is a home run!  There is nothing else out there like this!  It provides the highest quality absorbable nutrients and time tested herbs that allow the body to release toxins... this sets us up to feel a dramatic difference immediately!   These products are unique, highly consumable, and very emotional.  When someone is affected emotionally, they are hard to shut up!  They want to tell everyone!  This is obviously a major strong point when considering a word of mouth company like ours.  (give another awesome testimonial here)  

3 -The Compensation Plan - this is the most lucrative and simplest compensation plan available anywhere.  The Cepeda’s (this team) teach, through their proprietary systems, how to capitalize on it’s team building, hence why we have people who’ve never done this before rising to six figures in 3 months, 6 months, 8 months - under a year! 

4 - Training/Support - You are going into business for yourself, but not by yourself.   The training and support available is extensive.  If you come to the table willing to learn and be coachable, that is the beginning of a win- win situation!  We are on the fastest growing team in Isagenix and this team offers training and support like no other.  Herb & Patty Cepeda, the leaders of our team, are the #1 income earners who, prior to Isagenix, had their own coaching business where they used to sell coaching packages for up to $40,000, and are now focused on Isagenix exclusively and offer daily training exclusively to their team for free!!!  We are the fastest growing team in this entire company and I attribute that to the incredible, proprietary support and training Herb & Patty provide to this team!

5 - Timing Isagenix is about to enter their most explosive growth stage, where literally millions of people will get involved.  The question is, “Who will tell them?”  The timing with this is incredible.  If you analyze any major city, you will find they are wide open for Isagenix!  This has to network from somewhere and if you see this, take massive action; you will be one of the next millionaires estimated to come out of the home based business explosion going on right now.  This industry (NWM) explodes during a bad or sluggish economy – everyone is looking for an opportunity right now to supplement or replace their incomes.  People who you never thought would be interested in looking into something else are getting involved with Isagenix!  This is the best kept secret, and the word has to get out from somewhere… will it be you?

Network Marketing is coming of age and being accepted – it’s  promoted by some of the top names in business today!  Donald Trump and Robert Kiyasoki  wrote an article entitled, "Why We Recommend Network Marketing".  Paul Zane Pilzer and Warren Buffet are also singing the praises of this industry!  You have to ask yourself, when the biggest names in business and economy today are touting our industry, why don't I find out a little more about this!?!   

Network Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing there is because it involves word of mouth!  Human nature dictates that when we like something, we share it!  Where we are normally not paid to share our excitement about a good movie, or a restaurant we like, in this industry we are paid!  That is what offers us such an outstanding opportunity, especially considering the emotional aspect of this product line - people can't help but share it with others!

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"WHY ISAGENIX" by Vee Shaw

Hear Former Pro Basketball player and successful business owner Vee Shaw​ share his powerful story and "WHY ISAGENIX"... also hear Farmer John Arting​ share his story.

$200 IsaBody Challenge Coupons!

How in the world do you get $314.88 in discounts on an order that ends up costing you only $59.28 including shipping and tax?
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$200 IsaBody Challenge Coupon!
Plus 25% preferred membership (that we all get on every order as preferred members)
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Did you know you can earn three $200 IsaBody Challenge coupons a year?

Did you know that every time you order six or more of one item you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off? (can be a mix of flavors, just has to be the same item)

We just got a whole lot of great nutrition for only $59.28...

If you aren't signed up for the IsaBody Challenge, I ask why? ;)

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Customer Resources

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Eric Worre Legendary Leadership notes from Diane Williams

Success leaves clues
Three pillars
1 mindset
2 skill
3 strategy 

Blame virus ...Take responsibility. 

3 core components
Compensation plan

Let go of your upline

Change the way you think about...
Support - entrepreneurs create it! 
Failure - radical fear of being judged (learn to fail forward) 

I win or I learn... I never lose

Cleaning houses.        Isagenix
secondary.          Vs.   Primary
Get my subconscious mind to work for me - it will serve whatever is primary and destroy what is secondary. 
Procrastination is the killer of success. 
put in to practice all the time... a healthy obsession

$250,000 next 12 months,  doubled!!  $500,000!!!
What would need to happen to make this number a reality? Talk to more people. Don't be afraid to fail. 
My will to learn will lead me to success. 

EGO IS THE ENEMY  ~Ryan Holiday

Start comparing me with me
Get away from the disease of `me`. It will not get me to a level of success.
Life is about contribution, legacy, purpose of another human being.  Pour myself into others. 
The secret to living is giving. Give in order to win. 
- make a decision (make this happen) 

How to tell your story...
4 elements
- background (what I did before network marketing) 
- what I did NOT like about it -- by far, the most important part
- I found a solution
- how I feel about the future now

Can I just tell you my story? 
Tell my story 100 times in the next month to 100 different people. 

Diane 3/18/18
If I don't, I agree to do something painful. 

1. Finding prospects (it's a skill) learn how to find them
  Make a list of people I know- write it down
  Think of people they know
  Network on purpose - don't hide (hi my name is...)
GOAL is 2 a day to my list - What can I do forTHEM? (ALL THE TIME) 
BOOK: How to Swim with the Sharks w/o Being Eaten
Give w/o keeping score. 
2. Inviting people to take a look
  Ultimate goal - education and understanding (not about GETTINGsomeone)
  Inviting to 1 of 2 things - any sort of event OR a tool (video, try product,
  At presentation, tell my story, then do the thing (try the product, 3 way 
  call,... whatever your team is doing) 
  Entry point doesn't matter.  Connect w product and build relationship. Or
  bring into business and educate on the product. 
Step one: talk to 50 to 60 in person ... I'd like to get together with you. When can we meet?  
  It's just a decision. 
3. Presenting - tell my story; do the thing (I need to say the words) 
  Business presentation
  How to get started
How many high level presenters are on our team? Develop presenter school. 
4. Follow up
  Do what I said I was going to do. Schedule the next meeting.  
  4 to 6  exposures for a person to make a decision to join me. 
  Be kind and see if there's a fit
I like to chew. No time Talk to spouse 
No like flavor
Don't do shakes
Don't know anyone
Already eat healthy
Don't want to coach
Don't want to exercise
Tried before
Want to get results first
Competitor product
Not on social media 
I like my food
Already have a job
   Limiting belief about themselves 
   Limiting belief about network marketing 
Whatever reason you think you can't is the reason you have to. (My mindset) 
Know the gift I have!!!
     Listen then ask questions to get clarity. 
     Relate to them. Feel, felt, found
     Tell them story 
     Ask them a question; If I, would you? 
     If I could show you (how to buy your time back, would you take a look?)
5. Closing - help them set up an account
    - what did you like best about what you just saw? 
    - scale of 1 to 10, 1 zero interest, 10 ready to get started right now?
    - approx, On a part time basis, how much would you need to earn a month
       to make this worth your time? 
    - how many hours a week could you give me to make that? 
    - how many months would you be willing to work?
*If i could show you how to earn $___/month income, working __ hours a week over the next ___ months, would you be willing to get started? (blanks are directly from their own answers to the questions above as long as they are realistic)
6. Getting a New Person Started.  It's all about radical simplicity!  If everyone on my team doesn't know the steps we all do, it's not simple enough.  My job is to enforce simplicity on my team!  Keep it Simple! and to get our new people started and plugged in.
7. Promoting Events.  The highest paying skill in my profession is promoting events.
Rough formula: $1,000/yr income per person that I have attend a major team or corp event.
NOTE: Short cut to a six figure income is get 100 people to major events.  Seven figure income => get 1,000 people to the major event.  Break it down to 100 getting 10 each.

Success loves speed
90 days can change your life
Create my own 90 day plan
Anything I can do faster or slower, do faster
Hold myself accountable.  Set a high standard for myself.