Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cycling for health and residual income

Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Remember learning to ride a bicycle?

Did we study the bicycle owner’s manual, watch YouTube videos, and consult some professional bicycle riders? Probably not.

That is not how we learned to ride a bicycle. Instead, we sat on the seat, both feet on the ground, and slowly moved forward with the help of our training wheels. Once we experienced a bit of movement, we learned to balance. And then maybe we took one foot off the ground.

Learning network marketing is the same. We need to talk to people as our first step. If all we do is go to opportunity meetings and watch videos, then our first encounter with a "live" prospect will result in the prospect running away terrified.

We need small steps of experience.

So instead of planning, we need to take a little bit of action to learn how to talk to people. Maybe we can start with an opening sentence that inspires a stranger to have a conversation with us. Later, when we are comfortable with this little step, we can expand our conversation with strangers.

Without experience, we look like the young man asking for his first date. Stressed, unsure. That is not an attractive image to prospects.

How to start getting experience now?

Just say "hi" to someone, and have a no-agenda conversation. Now we are getting some experience.
The two big fears.
We fear rejection when approaching prospects. And prospects fear that we will sell them something.

Not a good combination.

The initial skill to fix these fears is rapport. When prospects trust us and believe us, these fears go away. We all feel better.

Start with rapport. And that could be as easy as telling our prospects one fact that they believe and we believe. Starting with agreement works. It could be as easy as saying, "We all need a raise."
"Who should I talk to first?"
How about our best friend? Best friends are best friends because we tend to think the same way. If we want a part-time business, then most times our best friends will feel the same way.

And as a bonus, we have rapport with our best friend, so our message will be heard. 
That person might be worth a fortune!
Have we ever seen someone we wanted to talk to about our business, but didn’t know how to start? Happens all the time. 

Successfully meeting new people isn’t taught in school. We learn geometry and ancient history instead.

If we don’t talk to that special person, what happens? Nothing.

And that person might have become our best friend and business partner if we only gave that person a chance.

Think of all the potential superstars we’ve passed up in our career.

Here is the book that teaches us how to talk to these future friends and business partners. We can learn how to approach people, rejection-free.

You can listen to an audio excerpt for free here:

Monday, February 25, 2019

Special Fast Start Consultant Bonus

Fast Start Consultant Bonus

Qualification Period: Feb. 25-March 31, 2019

The FastStart Consultant bonus gives you the unique opportunity to earn an EXTRA US$100/CA$111 for a total of US$150/CA$166 if you become an Isagenix Consultant within 14 days of your join date. 

It’s THAT simple.

Here’s how:
Step 1: Join Isagenix between Feb. 25 and March 31, 2019.
Step 2: Accumulate 100 personal volume (PV). You accumulate PV when places a retail direct order through your Isagenix website or when you order products for personal use.
Step 3: Convert from a Preferred Customer to an Isagenix Independent Associate in your Back Office.
Step 4: Share Isagenix with other people within 14 days of your join date.

This is the perfect time to share Isagenix with others and encourage them to join you on a journey for Results You Can’t Get Anywhere Else™!

Fast Start Consultant Bonus with Lynn Hagedorn Isagenix International

Monday, February 18, 2019

Networking Event Handout

“You know how weight loss options are often unsustainable and unhealthy…
Well, at Isagenix, we have weight loss products that are not only high quality but also work-and work well-fit your lifestyle, and help you experience Results You Can’t Get Anywhere Else. We ultimately can help you become the person you want to be.”

Great referral for me is someone that wants better health.  Women before big life events and men after they hear their Doctor say “you are overweight, need to exercise and you aren’t getting any younger”

Chuck Williams,, and 636-734-0497

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Social Media Themed Days (suggestions)

* Monday is PROMO MONDAY where you can promote your business and offer your connections something cool or to barter your services if you so choose.

* Tuesdays is TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY where you can share a positive testimonial about a fellow member.

* Wednesday is WEBSITE WEDNESDAY where you can share who you are, what you do, your website (and other social media links) and who you are looking to be introduced to.

* Thursday is THANKFUL THURSDAY where you can share all about a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart.

* Friday is FAVORITES FRIDAY where we share our favorites based on that day's question.

* Saturday is our NOW HIRING / I'M LOOKING day where you can list a job posting if you're hiring or share what type of work you are looking for.

* Sunday is our YOU'RE INVITED day where members can post invites to any upcoming events or networking opportunities.

Building Your List, Connecting and the ever important 3-Way Call Training

Monday, February 11, 2019

Isagenix Presentation with great testimonials covers both product and compensation plan

Here is where Diane and I are staying for Celebration in Nashville this year

On my bid from Vacation Strategy I don’t see the exact name of the resort.  Here is a link where people can get the bid for their rooms.

The address is 2415 McGavock Pike = I know the property is owned by Wyndam

What about the negative stuff about Isagenix on the Internet?

Please give me a call tomorrow and we can discuss.
I find it interesting that Isagenix can sell a billion dollars a year in product that is "garbage" :)

The science and results people have gotten speak for themselves, we don't have to defend the product or prove it works. for third party clinical research.

If you check the negative source of any blog or show, notice what they are trying to sell you.  It's an old, ugly trick that some play. You won't see Isagenix or me slamming other products trying to get new customers.

I have personally experienced great results and have personally seen hundreds and hundreds of people that have experienced great results too.

I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Forever Pak system

Step 2 Video 1: Forever Pak Video

To Access Forever Pak System Back Office, click on "Team Login" in the top right hand corner of
Password is 1team

Step 4 ​Video 2: Financial Wellness

Click on the Link Below!

The Complete Forever Pak Presentation

The Key to Success is the Three Way Call

*Hear from the Scientists

John Anderson & Dr Bill Andrews

Additional Training Videos

Forever Pak Connecting

Forever Pak Overview

Forever Pak Zoom Training

Any questions, give me a call.
Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope

Amped Performance Products testimonial

HI ALL...Harrison a year ago was a 6'2 168. Started using Amped Performance Products and gained about 15# of muscle in 90 days using same daily routine (as a team). Now at about 200 and playing as a Frosh at Fullerton in CA. He credits Isagenix for helping him get scholarship 💰 and prolonging his playing days. 

submitted by Tom Sweeney