Wednesday, June 26, 2019

3 sizzling summer promotions!

We’re kicking off summer with 3 sizzling promotions!

Get ready to grow your business starting TODAY!

Take advantage of the New PIB, the 40 Is the New 20 promo, and the Crystal Consultant Bonus. These promotions run from June 24 to Sept. 29, 2019.


Now you can earn a Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) on ANY and ALL new Customer orders! Earn a bonus equal to 10% of the BV of all new Customer orders that don’t already include a PIB.
  • If you are an Isagenix Independent Associate, your bonus will be paid in commissions. If you are a Customer, you will receive Product Introduction Reward (PIR) coupons.
  • This promo is open to all active Customers and Associates who reside in the U.S. and Canada.

40 Is the New 20

Earn a US$100/CA$111 bonus for enrolling up to 40 (YES … 40!) Personally Enrolled Consultants. We’ve temporarily increased the number of times you can earn the Consultant Development Bonus from 20 to 40 so you can earn more. This promotion is a great way to help your team grow AND benefit from the financial rewards!
  • You can earn the US$100/CA$111 bonus for Personally Enrolled Consultant advancements up to 40 total times during this 90-day period.
  • This promo is open to all active Associates who reside in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Crystal Consultant Bonus

Earn an additional US$100/CA$111 on top of the existing US$50/CA$55 Consultant Bonus for a total of US$150/CA$166 when you advance to Consultant for the first time within 30 days.
  • If you join Isagenix or are a current Customer who converts to Associate between June 24, 2019, and Sept. 29, 2019, you have 30 days from your Associate conversion date to become a Consultant.
  • If your recognition rank is Associate as of June 24, 2019, you have until July 24, 2019, to earn this bonus by becoming a Consultant.
  • Advance to Consultant by sharing Isagenix with two or more people who each order 100 BV or more. (This is the simplest way to advance to Consultant. See the FAQ for more details).
  • Earn the Crystal Consultant Bonus of US$100/CA$111 for a total of US$150/CA$166.
  • This promo is open to all active Associates who reside in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Soak up these sweet summer promotions until Sept. 29, 2019! Recording of the special announcement presentation by Kathy Coover and Travis Graza at for all the details for a limited time only.

Motivation is hard when we don’t know how to turn it on

Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.
              Humans are short-term thinkers. Survive and worry about today. Tomorrow isn’t here yet. :)

              We procrastinate and find it hard to work on long-term goals. In fact, we even find it hard to work on short-term goals. So here is a little "action hack" we can use now.

              Attach an action to something we routinely do every day.
              How does that work?

              Let’s say that we want to make follow-up calls, but we procrastinate. Here is how we can get into action and make consistent progress on our goals. We make a deal with ourselves: "Whenever I check my phone for messages, I must make one follow-up call."
              That’s it!
              Since we check our phones dozens of times a day, we will automatically make dozens of follow-up calls.
              This is an example of attaching an action to something we routinely do every day.
              But here is the big picture!

              Attaching an action works for us. This keeps us productive and moving forward.

              But what if everyone on our team had similar action prompts? Instead of occasionally thinking about their business, they would be taking action every day!
              This is an example of using automatic habits to build our business. 
              Motivation is hard when we don’t know how to turn it on. Motivation is even harder if we don’t know what actions to take. 

              Let’s fix that now so we can grow customers, distributors ... and leaders!

              Put "action" to work and allow massive activity to build our business now.
              - Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

              P.S. Start using habits instead of decisions to build your business. This one book might be all you need to install success habits in your entire team:

              Monday, June 17, 2019

              O'Fallon All-Stars Health and Wellness Workshop presentations

              Mike Baue of OsteoStrong O'Fallon

              Dr. David Hadden of O'Fallon Crossing Chiropractic

              Chuck Williams of Team of Hope presents Isagenix with testimony from Steve Williamson.

              Cassidy Tenner of Attune Massage and Wellness


              Tuesday, June 11, 2019

              Real back and forth with prospects...

              6/2 Jack, hope you are having a great weekend. I'm starting a 90-day challenge with 5-10 men that want to improve their health this summer. I'd like you to be one of them. Is the timing right for you to join us? You're looking at less than $7/day and that's with replacing 1-2 meals a day. Let me know if you are interested. God bless, Chuck Williams

              6/11/19 I have added him to my top 100 list for the summer.
              Sent him this via FB msg:
              Jack, are you interested in re-looking at Isagenix with me? I have found a much more affordable way to get good healthy results. If you are interested, great. If not, no problem. I am just passionate about helping people achieve better health and I want to help you, if you want my help. ;) Chuck

              6/11/19 his response: Thanks Chuck. I've never done very well with meal-replacement plans. I think missing out on the different flavors and textures of a typical meal that a drink just doesn't hold up for me.

              6/11/19 my response: Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was more the price than the actual program. The basic plan I was going to recommend is a meal replacement shake in the AM and two pills in the AM and two pills in the PM. It's simple and affordable and you get to eat your two other meals for lunch and dinner. If you are interested, here is a very interesting video on the program using just the two products I mentioned. Taking good care of our health now can literally add 10-12 years of healthy life. Either way is fine, just know that I do care. 🙂

              6/11/19 his response: Well yes. The cost is a tough one for me especially since I'm currently developing addl ministry partners to help offset the basics.

              6/11/19 my response: Your health is important to the long term success of the ministry and to the well-being of your family. For under $7 a day, you could be making a big difference in your health. (I know from personal experience). That is replacing one meal a day (breakfast or lunch). Any way, completely up to you, but I am eager to help you when you are ready. God Bless, Chuck

              Different Case Study:
              Pastor Ted is starting a Home Church, here was my message to him:
              Ted, thinking about Mickey and you today. Anything I can do to help you two jump start your Isagenix biz? Home church, home meeting for Isagenix... what a combo (different nights of course). You schedule a home meeting and you get a $50 product coupon and FIVE free enrollment codes too. Wanna schedule one or two? Chuck

              Tips for prospecting online and via text/messenger

              Someone comments or likes your post.
              If they comment, like their comment.
              If they like your post, send them a msg thanking them for liking your post

              Then very shortly after doing that, in messenger send them this message.
              Mary, by the way, if you would be interested in transforming your  health, I am passionate about helping others and would love to help. Let me know, if you would like to learn more.  Thanks,  

              If interested in learning more, you send the Forever Pak video ( and schedule a time to follow up (on the follow up have myself available to assist you... preferably on Zoom, but phone 3-call works too)

              Once you have generated some level of interest, here is a guide for building a relationship and working through messenger or text.

              Mike mentioned a post AFTER you have posted the story about 7 times, this is what I would suggest for that.

              Also, if you start using your FB page here are some instructions for that...

              Monday, June 10, 2019

              The first skill for new Associates

              Big Al
              June 10, 2019
              The first skill for new distributors.
              A good friend calls and says, "Hi, good friend." Already we are feeling anxiety. We hope our good friend is not asking us to lend money, or to help move furniture.

              Our good friend continues, "I just joined a new business. I can't wait to show you. I just need 30 minutes of your time. When can we get together?"

              Now, what is going on in the back of our minds? We think, "I can't give you 30 minutes. I can’t even give you 30 seconds." And that is why it is an uphill struggle to get appointments. We ask too much. And this is the challenge we give our newest distributors before they have learned a single skill.

              So the first core skill we should teach our newest distributors is rapport.Whether we teach them word commands, double facts, or even body language techniques, we are doing them a service by helping them avoid rejection and get started fast. Start with rapport.

              Mike Mucci Story

              Did not know 80% of our health revolves around proper nutrition. 

              The past 2 two months I found this out by doing it.  I now really like the way I feel.  And I lowered my grocery bill too.
              A friend introduced this concept (the value of real nutrition) to me.
              Now I'm on a path of truly transforming my health.  Never would have imagined it would be accomplished simply with proper nutrition.

              Here is what my friend Mike Mucci in Ohio had to say about his struggles and his results.

              Mike wrote ...

              A Special 'Thank You' to two great ladies Joanie McLeod and Dr. Shirley Piccarreto …

              Normally I don’t post accolades on FB however I’m going to get away from my personal rule and give well-deserved thanks to both Joanie McLeod and Dr. Shirley Piccarreto who inspired and guided me through a difficult stretch that put lots of pressure on my health.

              Dr. Shirley taught me the daily formula to lower my overall cholesterol profile and lose 8 pounds of stubborn visceral fat in 30 days.  Joanie, a registered nurse, and mother of 5, who herself tried six or more fad diets … provided me the inspiration and enthusiasm and taught me the importance of nutrition not deprivation via her personal story of losing 19 pounds of visceral fat in three months after failing miserably before time after time. 

              Most of us, men and women, experience that extra weight earned from change of life.  I was no exception.

              In the beginning when considering, like Joanie, I was jaded, cynical and skeptical, but decided to give it a try.   

              After participating for one month, I scheduled myself to take a health exam again to earn a better rating and lower premium from an insurance company.  Felt confident, my energy was back to normal, my mindset started to get back to positive.   About a week after starting with their suggestions I really liked how I felt and could feel the transformation of losing inches kicking in during week one.

              Two weeks, after being involved for 30 days, I received my insurance exam results.  My overall lowered cholesterol readings shocked me.  They were all in a
               brand new territory for me.  My body weight too, 1980’s level.  At 65 years old, the insurance company awarded me their highest rating.  

              There was no diet to follow, no meals to buy.  Just ate sensibly, stayed active, even my grocery bill was less.  
              I wasn't hungry, I wasn't tired and I had no cravings.  What I found out was this ... my body was not getting the proper daily doses of pure nutrition it needed.   Simple as that.  Why don’t most people know about this?  I don’t know.
              If you currently have any challenges like I did with cholesterol or stress and are looking for ways to feel better, lose stubborn visceral fat, or just age youthfully ... I invite you to read Joanie’s story and to connect with Dr. Shirley on FB today.        
              FB is about friendships.  So as we age together, I feel obligated to at least tell you there is something out there beside fad diets and meal plans that can help you reach your personal health and weight goals.  If you would like to read Joanie’s full story and, or a personal introduction to Dr. Shirley feel free to PM me.

              Have a great day …


              Sunday, June 9, 2019

              Wednesday, June 5, 2019

              FB post to attract customers

              10 Friends!💥 If now is your time, drop me a message. I already have 5 who are just now off and running!
              I’m taking 10 friends with me for a SUMMER SLIM DOWN and ENERGY/Muscle GAIN!
              🚫No more restricting diets where you have no energy, are miserable, and gain the weight back bc you can’t sustain it.
              No more negative talk about your body bc you’ll love it and the way you feel!
              🚳No more over exercising because 80% of our health is nutrition.
              🛑No more doing it on your own because you’ll have a community of thousands supporting you and cheering you on.
              💯 It’s simply the wholesale cost of the nutritional system (*free membership and free shipping this week!) You can even eat for free!
              ‼️Research + Results = SUCCESS
              YOU getting your health back and living your BEST life is more than worth it!
              Imagine this truly transforming your health. What would you choose to transform first?
              *free membership with original purchase of $149 or more
              free shipping with original purchase of $300 or more
              No matter the size of your original order, it's money back guaranteed... you will be satisfied or get your money back.

              Presenting, following up and closing through text

              Presenting, following up and closing through text🌟
              When working with busy and tech savvy folks, I have started using a lot more text and Facebook messenger. I would like to share with you the tips that have worked for me so far.
              Questions I ask prior to discussing pricing and offering a solution:
              1) What are your goals?
              2)What are you currently doing to reach that goal?
              3)What are you struggling with the most?
              4)Are you currently using any supplementation at all?
              5)I would be more than happy to add you to my private coaching page if you'd like, so you can take a look around (add them, tag 1-2 relevant videos and create a welcome post - I typically use the Be Set Free Life Product Page)
              6)If you were to replace two meals out of your day with the Isagenix full meal replacement shakes which two meals would you pick?
              7)What are you currently eating for these two meals?
              8)How often do you eat out at restaurants or fast food?
              9)What do these two meals cost you per day?
              10)Here's the verbiage I use to present the systems and close a sale through Facebook Messenger or text:
              🌟"Alright! I have two systems in mind for you. The basic system includes your month supply for two shakes daily replacing two of your meals. That pack breaks down to under $7 a day. It's $189 plus your $39 annual membership fee plus shipping. 
              The absolute best system though that I most highly recommend is the Forever Pak! 95% of the people I work with get started with this system. It includes one Shake meal replacement per day but also comes with a bottle of Isagenesis which you learned about in the video at  The Forever Pak is $188 plus your $39 annual membership fee plus shipping.
              Note: I currently have a coupon that waives the membership fee, so mention that you want to use my coupon code and I will give it to you.
              Which pack sounds like the best fit for you?"🌟
              11)Depending on their answer I either schedule a day and time for them to order or I sending them an order link from the IsaLife app so they can enroll right away if they're ready.

              Monday, June 3, 2019

              Forever Pak Health Care Professionals


              Getting a New Associate Started Right

              Here are the steps we'll take to get you going.

              1. Activate your account with an order of $150 or more
              2. Download the IsaLife App
              3. Register an event/gathering (gets you a $50 product coupon AND five more FREE membership codes)... you can do multiple events!
              4. Register for the IsaBody Challenge (earns you a T-Shirt and $200 Product Coupon)
              5. Game plan to get you to Crystal Manager FAST ($450 in bonuses)... Roadmap to Crystal Executive!
              6. Become an associate (that will get you two free membership codes, great for enrolling new people)
              7. Review the Forever Pak System
              8. Leader In Action Worksheet
              9. Plug in to the system... for the call/presentation schedule