Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Getting Started Right Training by Chuck Williams

Getting Started Right Training


Additional Products Suggestions for NEW Customers:

Performance Solution:
AMPED Next Level Pack 4m

Chuck Williams helping Elliott Wilson get started with becoming an Associate and learning to make money with Isagenix. Here is a follow up email I sent to Elliott immediately following this training to help him get started immediately on the main things. Subject: Summary... focus on this FIRST 1. Your goal is to become a Consultant asap. That means you do 100 PV yourself and get one new customer on the right and one on the left that each do 100 BV too. You earn minimum of $150 (if less than 30 days) 2. To get your first two customers (see Getting Started Training... besetfreelife.com or isagenixbusiness.com for scripts) create interest and do a three way call with one of your coaches. A. Chuck Williams: 636-734-0497 B. Pete Hamby: 407-555-9367 C. Steve Williamson: 636-555-9531 D. Vee Shaw: 314-555-3401 3. Our goal on this three way is to share our story and get the prospect to watch a video and/or join us on the next available Zoom meeting.

My entire schedule of events is at http://teamofhope.com 4. Enroll new customer and help them get started. (let the team help you with this just like Steve let me help you!) Let's do these four things until you get really good at them and can teach them to others. :) Chuck Williams 636-734-0497

Here is the outline I followed in this Getting Started Right Training:

1. Besetfreelife.com register and text PattyC to 877-723-4511 (for the Cepeda Team only)
Plug in to the Daily Calls... they are the foundation of the Cepeda system.

Join the "Be Set Free #BSF (Happy Healthy People) FB Group

Check out the "Training" Tab and especially the scripts.

2. WelcometoIsagenix.com for important first steps!

A. IsaLife App (download it and get familiar with it)
B. IsaBody Challenge
C. Isagenix Business App (download it especially if interested in the Business side)

Note: Important to get all customers set up with the IsaLife App and hopefully enrolled in the IsaBody Challenge too!

Important resources at the bottom of the WelcometoIsagenix.com page are important resources.
* Isagenix Business (incredible resource... download the IsaLife Success Plan and MORE)
* Isagenix Health (incredible resource about the products including valuable clinical research)
* Isaproduct (I don't use this much, but I hear it's great)

3. Backoffice Tour and Getting the Basics Setup

A. Pathway to Associate
B. Adjust Your Lifestyle Rewards order
C. Manage My Recommended Carts (set up a couple right now and show how to use the IsaLife App to send them out)
D. How to Enroll a New Customer
E. Crystal Bonus Deadlines (Rank Advancements) Note: Just focus on Crystal Consultant for NOW.
F. Manage my Website (under resources)
Here is part of the Welcome email from Isagenix mentioned in the video: Welcome to your IsaLife m
While you wait for your products to arrive, visit WelcometoIsagenix.com for important next steps! Here is the email welcoming him as a brand new Associate: Congratulations! You're Now an Isagenix Associate You're officially an Isagenix Associate and ready to build a business! Here are the top 3 things you should do to get started (don’t worry, you’ll get an email confirmation which also includes all of these details): 1. Learn our simple system for sharing Isagenix. Watch a short video to learn our simple system for creating income by sharing Isagenix: You Share, They Share, Repeat. 2. Get familiar with IsagenixBusiness.com. We provide you with a range of tools and training to support your business building journey. We suggest you visit IsagenixBusiness.com to learn about how to get started with sharing Isagenix, and keep checking back as you grow your skills and are prepared to invest more time in building your business. 3. Get inspired and get to know our community by attending an Isagenix Event near you! Events provide you and your team members with tools, training, and resources to help you jump-start your Isagenix business, achieve your goals, and learn how you can become a successful network marketer. Find an event near you, get event details, and register at IsagenixEvents.com. Here are Elliott's Rank Advancement Dates: Associate Since: 3/31/2020 Crystal Manager Deadline: 5/30/2020 Crystal Director Deadline: 7/29/2020 Crystal Executive Deadline: 9/27/2020 Here is his Associate Web site URL: https://HPathletics.isagenix.com/

Baby Boomer Men Share Why Isagenix Has Transformed Their Lives...


Five men in their 50's and 60's share their personal Isagenix Stories and why Isagenix solutions have been life changing. Kwangsoo Shin shares how he believes these products will not only extend his life but add to the quality of his life too. Bernard Young shares why he has continued to use the products even though he only recently decided to start sharing with others. Farmer John Arting shares insights from the perspective of a Michigan Farmer. Farmer John always has incredible nuggets to share! Steve Williamson shares his personal transformation and some valuable tips as regarding Isagenix performance products. Steve in his late 50's could not even carry a basket with clothes in it too long ago. Now he is training for a Black Belt! Chuck Williams shares both his love of the Isagenix solutions and the benefits of the financial side of Isagenix. How he and many others within the Isagenix family are making money while helping others. If you are young or old, male or female and would like to experience better health and/or make some money from home, contact Chuck OR the person that shared this video with you.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Urgent Message to the Team of Hope

Too much important stuff to put in a text!

Below is a video that covers what is in the text below...


There has never been a better time than NOW to build your FUTURE and it all starts with helping others!

If you have not been getting on the Cepeda morning calls, I highly recommend you start there.
Text "PattyC" to 877-723-4511 to get text alerts!

Also, check out http://teamofhope.com where I have listed the call schedule and it updates frequently as there has never been more activity than there is right now.

Here are the basics:
1. Make sure your position is active with an order of at least 100 PV every 29 days.

2. Find people looking for you!  Who wants help with food or making money from home? (nearly everyone right now)  Patty Cepeda recommends a simple message "Hey, are you looking for a way to make money from home?"

3. Once you have created a response (preferably positive one, ignore the negative ones), reach out and make contact. On phone is BEST. Next best is an audio text or FB msg and then lastly an old fashion text.  People NEED to hear your voice!  On this contact your only goal is to get them to commit to watch a video you are going to send them when you hang up.  Make sure they confirm receipt of text and when they have watched it too.
NOTE: I have been using http://foreverpak.com but I am converting immediately to the Isagenix Business App.  I love the notification we get when they watch the video and it's brief. The video Herb Cepeda recommends and I am using is the "6 Minute Isagenix Difference" video.

4. After he/she has watched the video, it's time to follow up.  The fortune really is in the follow up! Here is where the three way call comes in to play whenever possible.  Your goal is the three way call with your upline success coach or someone on the team that is having success enrolling new customers!
NOTE: If unable to do a three way call for whatever reason, get the prospect on the next available Zoom Presentation.  See http://teamofhope.com for the call schedule and make sure you are getting text alerts for additional presentations being added daily!

5. Getting Started Right... this is really the key to your new customers success and the growth of your business and theirs! This includes a launch of their business IF they are interested in the income opportunity. Use the regularly scheduled Zoom Presentations as their launch meeting.

There is an important Zoom presentation this Saturday with Kwangsoo Shin.  The details are here and at http://teamofhope.com for easy reference.  Hope to see you on a zoom presentation or talk with you on a three way call soon.

Weekly Training Zoom: IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Travis Ogden, Isagenix Chief Executive Officer's Message

Hello, Charles,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to you and your families during this unsettling time.

As the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, our entire Isagenix team is focused on safety and is standing by to support you.

Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation as new updates unfold around the world and have precautions in place to minimize the impact on the thousands of families we serve.

Our top priority remains the safety of our staff, Independent Associates, Customers, and global community. We are also closely monitoring the situation and are taking steps to provide continued service and to uphold our no-compromise quality commitment.

Here’s a brief update on the key areas we’re looking at to ensure you have the wellness products you need:

Service Logistics
We have flexibility and contingency plans built in to help ensure continuity of service. We’ve also received contingency plans from our partners, and we support their focus on both the needs of our Customers and precautions to safeguard their staff.
Product Production
We’ve been monitoring the risk to our raw material supply, and we are ready to initiate appropriate actions to address any potential material shortages while still ensuring the safety of all raw ingredients through our robust quality control practices.
Product On Hand
We are committed to doing our best to keep products on hand during this unprecedented time. Overall, our inventory levels are currently stable, but we have started to see huge demand surges for immune-related products, which are moving fast. We will let you know of any temporary out-of-stock situations as they arise and when the products are anticipated back.
While we offer the convenience of having our products shipped directly to your home, our logistics partners report the overall volume of e-commerce is increasing. Because carriers are starting to see an influx of packages as people order more online, you may begin seeing extended delivery times. We will work closely with our delivery partners to minimize any impact to you as much as possible. You can always visit the tracking website included in your shipping confirmation email for the latest updates.
As the concerning situation continues to develop day by day, I want to assure you that we are focused on the safety and well-being of our global community as well as uninterrupted customer service both to our Customers and our Associates who rely on their Isagenix business.

While there is a lot of uncertainty during this time, we are here to support you and your family.

Warmest regards,

Travis Ogden
Isagenix Chief Executive Officer

Maximizing the Isagenix® Compensation Plan by Kathy Coover


The IsaBody Challenge Rocks!

Dear Charles Williams,
Member ID: 12123299
Thank you for your order! Your Isagenix products are being packed up and will be on their way to you in no time. While your order is in transit, be sure to download the free IsaLife™ app. If you haven’t already. This customizable app helps you stay on track with your meals, supplements, and exercise throughout your day. You can also place product orders, manage your Autoship, and even connect with others to help you along the way. The IsaLife app is an integral part of our Isagenix Systems, so download yours today!
Interested in getting your products paid for? Learn how to earn product coupons or even commissions when you share your favorite products with others!
Order Date: Mar-19-2020
Order Number: 66202182

Order Summary

Order TotalUS$25.23
Discounts ReceivedUS$283.60

Congratulations, Charles, for completing your IsaBody Challenge® for Judging Period 1!

As a part of your completion, you have earned an US$200 IsaBody® product coupon* and a digital certificate!

Product coupon

Your product coupon is waiting for you in your Back Office Orders section under View Coupons. Your coupon was uploaded March 18, 2020, and will expire May 16, 2020  (60 days from the upload date), so don’t wait to place your order!

To redeem your coupon:
The coupon must be used on a wholesale order; it cannot be applied to a Lifestyle Rewards order.
Check that your order is equal to or exceeds US$200. You can only use the coupon once, and you must use the full amount.
On the checkout page, click Apply Coupon and select IsaBody Challenge $200 Achievement Award.

Renew their Preferred Customer membership account and get Preferred Customer pricing at no cost to you

No more membership fees for Customers!

That’s right — Preferred Customers can live the Isagenix life and get our best pricing for no annual fee. It’s a whole new world of simplified shopping, and we’re here for it! Simply help them renew their Preferred Customer membership account and get Preferred Customer pricing at no cost to them, and they can start enjoying 25% off retail price. They’ll also be able to utilize Lifestyle Rewards and track their orders.

BRAND-NEW products

As you know, we’ve launched a few incredible new products and flavors, and we could all use products that protect our immune health. Please view our full catalog to find the products you need for your healthy lifestyle. We also launched the Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle, designed to help your Customers figure out which products are best for supporting their goals.

Sync your healthy lifestyle with the IsaLife app

Utilize the IsaLife app to share these new benefits with your potential Preferred Customers and start the reenrollment process right from your phone! Show them how you can stay connected and how they can use the app to order the products they need to stay healthy and have them delivered straight to their door.

Ask your Preferred Customers where they’ll take their health and wellness journey when they don't have anything standing in their way! (Like that pesky membership fee.)

Help your Preferred Customers renew their membership today.


The Isagenix Team

Monday, March 16, 2020

Manny Rodriguez shares Why Attraction Marketing via Social Media and Network Marketing go together


Stan Jagow and Kasie Pasquantonio share from their perspectives on WHY ISAGENIX is the best food.


FREE case of Berry Bellini BĒA* PLUS free ground shipping

Today is a great day! Why? Because you woke up, made some healthy choices, and then, to top it all off, you opened this very email. Lucky you!

March is BĒA Sparkling Energy Drink month here at Isagenix, and we’re celebrating with this limited-time promo:
New Customers who join Isagenix between March 16 and 22 and spend US$150 or more on their initial order will receive one FREE case of Berry Bellini BĒA* PLUS free ground shipping (up to a value of US$50).
This is the berry best time to enroll some new Customers! You already know that BĒA helps you own your day — now you have additional reasons to let others in on the secret.