Tuesday, June 30, 2020

LinkedIn Tips to stay out of LinkedIn Jail...

From my friend Karin Parsons... Thanks for sharing Karin.

Since we had our learning days together with LinkedIn, wanted to share this news and their advice that I thought might help you.

After being restricted in LinkedIn from making any new contacts, unless I had their email for over the past 5 years, even though I appealed it multiple times - they have opened it up for me!!!
With the following warnings and proper technique that I thought you might want to save to make sure you follow it so you always avoid restrictions being put on you.

The advice is the Red Part:

Thanks for contacting us about this. This restriction occurs when your account has previously been unrestricted and you've agreed to our policies, yet members continue to say they don't know you when they get your invitations to connect.

Per the LinkedIn User Agreement and Professional Community Policies, you agree not to:

• Invite people you don't know to join your network.
• Use LinkedIn invitations to send messages to people who don't know you or who are unlikely to recognize you as a known contact.

As a one-time courtesy, I've removed the restriction on your account. Note that after today, if your account is restricted again, you'll be required to enter an email address when sending invitations.

I strongly encourage you to adjust your inviting practices. I'm providing some suggestions on how you can significantly decrease your chances of receiving "I don't know" responses to your invitations:

1. Withdraw any pending invitations to people you don't know well. Here's how:

2. Invite people from the "Add (member's name) to your network" link OR click the "Connect" button on their profile. From there you can add a personal note to explain how you know them and why you'd like to connect. The personal note option isn't available when you import your address book or add email addresses from the "Add Connections" feature.
3. Add your photo to your profile. Others may not recognize your name but may remember what you look like.

Please understand that the controls we have in place aren't just to prevent spamming and unwanted invitations but are also meant to protect you. When a connection is established, you're sharing your full profile information, email address, and network updates, so we want to ensure you're only sharing this information with people you know and trust.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm always happy to help.


LinkedIn Safety Operations Support Specialist

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Our prospect says, "I lost my job. I need a full-time income.

"I lost my job."

Our prospect says, "I lost my job. I need a full-time income. I need a job. Network marketing is not for me."

Our prospect is absolutely right.

Network marketing is not designed to be an instant full-time income. But there is one thing that network marketing is excellent for: security. Having a part-time income as a network marketer is great when someone loses their job.

Well, no time for that now. It is too late to build a network marketing income for today’s problem. However, now is a great time to start building a network marketing business for tomorrow’s problems. This prospect could lose his job again in the future.

Our prospect is unemployed. It will take weeks or months of job searching, interviews, and then possibly a job offer. That is reality.

During these weeks and months before the next job is secured, why not spend that time wisely building a network marketing business?

Waiting three hours in the lobby for an interview? We could read a motivational or skill-based book. Or, we could make prospecting appointments while waiting to hear back for a job interview appointment.

Yes, if we lose our job, this actually gives us more time to build a part-time business for the future.

So now our prospect says, "I lost my job."

How do we respond? We say, "While searching for your next job, you can be productive building your part-time business for the future. That way your job search time won’t be wasted, and you can feel like you are actually progressing."

Monday, June 15, 2020

Tips from Trainer Big Al

Does this close work for you?

"Instead of tying 100% of your income to your job, let’s get a second income going so you will feel safer."

Did we catch the magic words, "Instead of," in this close? Here are a few more examples.

  • Instead of trying to get by on one paycheck ...
  • Instead of making car payments yourself ...
  • Instead of paying for all your holidays ...
  • Instead of trying to save what little is left of your paycheck every month ...

This makes closing easy for us, while giving our prospects a choice.
Uh-oh. Why our prospects are worried.

In the past, companies hired local workers. The only competition for their jobs were people within driving or commuting distance from work.

However, for the past few months, many companies have let their employees work from home. It worked. Companies now know that their local workers can be replaced by less expensive workers from other areas. Now these jobs are open for competition throughout the world.

Workers are nervous. They want more security. Our network marketing businesses can offer them a second income to help protect them from future job competition.
We don't GET referrals, we RECEIVE referrals.

We shouldn’t think of referrals as things we need to go out and push for. They are things that people are generous enough to give us, and we are grateful to receive them.

If we start from this mindset, it gets easier. Prospects can read our intention through our micro-facial expressions, our body language, and our tone of voice.

The easiest script I know for getting referrals is:

"I am looking for people with [this problem,] who want to fix it. Do you know anyone like that?"

Ready to follow up with customers and prospects who said "no" to our offer and get more referrals? Read this book.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Leading with the Business/Financial Opportunity:

Seven Step System of Duplication:
Leading with the Business/Financial Opportunity:

1. Develop Your List
Click on the Link Below:  

2. Contacting & Inviting including Scripts 
Click on the Link Below

3. Invite interested prospects to watch:
Isagenix Business Presentation by Chuck Williams (28 minutes)

The Power of 2 and 100BV is amazing. There really is a way to have better health and residual income too.


OR invite to a LIVE presentation Mon-Thurs SEE Presentation schedule Below the Seven Steps @ http://teamofhope.blogspot.com/2020/05/team-of-hope-main-page.html

4. Introduce to Success Coach (3-Way Zoom preferably, but even connect your prospect to your success coach via a text or FB messenger thread)
3-Way Call Outline below:

Example of a text or FB msg introducing your success coach:

Diane, excellent thanks for wanting to take a look. Listen, we have a great system, I would like to introduce you to my business partner and great long-time friend Chuck, he'll get you some information so you can learn more. Jim

5. Set up Preferred Customer Account.  We recommend starting all new customers with the "Everyday Shake" Pak to start.

Typically the new Customer will order the "Everyday Shake" Pak simply on your recommendation.  

Video on How to Setup and Use the Recommended Cart:

If the prospect wants more information about the Everyday Shake pak, share this video with them. 

6. Become an Associate and Getting Started Right Training

The Getting Started Right training will include the introduction of additional products that might help the new customer achieve specific results and much, much more.

7. Repeat to Executive (The Benefits There are Unbelievable!)

Creating Consultants with The Shred / Health Reset by CeCe President

Creating Consultants with The Shred / Health Reset


Hey _____ (girl/bro/name) with everything that’s going on, I decided to (step up my wellness game/improve my health/rebalance my body/reset my health) and do a nutritional cleanse that helps to improve overall wellness and removes toxins from the body using really clean, high quality, whole food ingredients. I've been using this system for _____# of days and am already experiencing ______.

Anyway, my friend is coaching me through this 11 day Shred / Health Reset. All I had to do was purchase the products which were less than what I was spending on food as it is. Any interest in doing it with me?

  • If no response, follow up at 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 8 days, long term follow up list 

Them: YESSSS!!!!

You: Awesome. The best thing to do is hop on the 15 minute overview session they’re this week. There’s an overview tonight or tomorrow at 8pm ET (enter in their local time). Of those two days, which works best for you? 

  • (If they can’t make it or there are no Zoom’s scheduled in the next 24 hours, send them the overview videos instead and say:  No worries.  I’ll send you over links to a couple of short videos.  One is about the Shred / Health Reset itself and the other is about the products we use.  They’ll take about 15 minutes to watch.  Let’s set an appointment to go over any questions you may have after you watch them.  When is good for you; Tonight or tomorrow?  - 
  • Once they have scheduled a time, send the video links What is the 11 Day Shred / Health Reset https://bit.ly/11DayShredReset and Mary Evans Just Cleanse https://vimeo.com/186140419 

They select a day. 

You: Cool. Do me a favor, please just block out a window from 8 to 845p and here's why, the overview itself is going to go for about 15-20 minutes. You’ll have all the information so that you can make a fully informed decision to see whether or not this is a fit for you. And then after it’s done, I’d love to connect for a few minutes to hear what you liked most. Does that sound fair? 

Them: Yes! 

You: Ok great, I can text you the login details, etc.  Whats the best number to send it to?

You: Great. So excited to do this together! Wait til you see the results people are getting with is, you’ll flip.

You: Talk to you at 8p tonight / tomorrow.  One more thing, _____, because there’s limited lines, if anything comes up where you cannot make it on the call, please give me the courtesy of a call or text, in advance, so I can reschedule you and use your line for someone else.  Ok?

Them: I’m excited! Thanks for thinking of me!

You: SEARCH FOR A FUN GIF to send them (i.e. “bikini,” “fit girls” “shredded”) You: This will be us soon (enter finger pointing up emoji)

Them: Woot Woot!

Send Instructions the day of the scheduled session with the following: 

“Hey Name, 

I told (enter Presenter’s name) all about you and he/she is excited to connect with you on the session!  Here’s the login for the session.  See you there soon!  

(Enter link for the session - go to www.teamofhope.com - *Live Presentation Schedule*: Every Mon-Thurs verify meeting link)

Once they have enrolled:

"Curiously, who are two people that you know would for sure wanna do this with you? (Let them answer).

"The reason I ask is because Isagenix doesn't spend any money on advertising and instead rewards its customers for our referrals. So when you help *friend name 1* and *friend name 2* get started you'll earn anywhere from $150 - $500 back right away. How awesome is that?" 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The one-sentence close by Big Al

The opportunity meeting is over.

Our prospect goes silent. We have to say something. What will we say?

"You can make a decision to start today, or ... you can make a decision not to start today and keep your life exactly like it is."

That was easy. They can choose what is best for their lives. For some, they want to move forward. For others, they choose to do nothing.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

11-Day Shred Explained

11-Day Shred Explained in a 7 min video:

All you really need is a canister of Isalean shake & two 32 oz bottles of Cleanse for Life.  Do some exercise 5-7 of the eleven days for best results.  The exact formula is two shake days, then two cleanse days, then five shake days and ending with two cleanse days.  

Note: Diabetics are recommended to do 11 shake days and fast each evening using 2 oz of Cleanse for life each night. Shake days include two shakes replacing two meals and one 600-800 calorie healthy traditional meal.  

Any questions, let me know.  

I want you to experience a great shred! 


first-ever Celebration LIVE

As our first-ever Celebration LIVE, this event is going to be legendary. You know as well as we do that it doesn’t matter if we’re sitting in the same room or joining online, we’re always better together. And we’re even better when we get to learn from trainers like these!

Add event to calendar

Here's what you can expect at General Session

The reveal of Isagenix 2.0, the new era of Isagenix
The launch of BRAND-NEW products
Incredible speakers and panels showing you how to embrace You 2.0

General Session trainers

Jim and Kathy Coover | Erik Coover | Travis Ogden | Joshua Plant, Ph.D. | Sharron Walsh
Kathy’s Panel
Lindsay Hoffbuhr | Zach Slobin | Susan Sly
Emily Vavra | You 2.0 keynote

Celebration LIVE is going to be legendary.

Breakout Session trainers

Product FAQ
Lindsay Gnant | Erica Morrissey | Dianna Carlson | Alex Mohr | Taylor Malham
Building Your 30-Day Action Plan
DelRae Messer
Connecting, Following Up, and Closing
Kal Elampooranar | Ciji Siddons | Debi Beebe | Lloyd Ross
Overcoming Objections
Michael and Lynn Clouse
Compensation Plan
Dawn Ferrentino
Converting Product Users to Business Builders
Christopher Nish | Vicki Pollack | Hilari Courtney | Jennifer Corliss Trinkner
Social Media
Alfonso Catania | Whitney Beers | Natalia Mulieri | Robin Belfrey
Roadmap to Crystal Executive and 3-Star Golden Circle
Laura Stevens
Developing Leaders To Grow a Large Organization
Tyler Dickerhoof
Isagenix 2.0 Technology
Tanya Kirkpatrick
Core System and Zija
Sara Richter | Joel McNinch
Erik Coover | Ben Kelly | Abby O’Neil | Mackenzie Arball
Clinical Studies
Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D.

More information on our breakout sessions is coming soon.

We can’t wait to see you at Celebration LIVE July 17-18!
The Isagenix Team