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Training Tips from Big Al...


What is the purpose of our business?

The only reason for business to exist is to solve problems. If no one ever got hungry, there would be no reason for restaurants to exist.

If we look at our business as a tool to solve prospects’ problems, it gets easier.

Our prospects die too early, wrinkle too fast, need to save money, want more money, etc. They have lots of problems.

Our challenge is to stay quiet long enough for them to tell us their problems.

Don't sell features or benefits. Do this instead.

Let’s base our sales presentation on our prospect's most pressing problem. Then we have our prospect's attention.

For example, if we talk about the weekly bonus checks, that is a feature.

If we talk about the benefits of weekly checks (not waiting until the end of the month, getting our earnings quicker, rapid gratification for work performed, etc.) – we are doing better, but it still won't hold our prospect's attention.

Try talking about our prospect's most pressing problem. For example, we might say:

"Next Tuesday, your mortgage payment is due. That could eat up most of your paycheck. Wouldn't it be nice to get a check from our company that would pay the mortgage payment for you? Then you would have your entire paycheck to do what you want."

See the difference?

Our prospects are constantly thinking about their problems - not our benefits.

"Leading with the Product" 11-Day Shred/Health Reset:

 Seven Steps Below:

Step 1. Develop Your List
Click on the Link Below:  

Creating Consultants with The Shred / Health Reset

Step 2. Script: 

Hey _____ (girl/bro/name) with everything that’s going on, I decided to (step up my wellness game/improve my health/rebalance my body/reset my health) and do a nutritional cleanse that helps to improve overall wellness and removes toxins from the body using really clean, high quality, whole food ingredients. I've been using this system for _____# of days and am already experiencing ______.

Anyway, my friend is coaching me through this 11 day Shred / Health Reset. All I had to do was purchase the products which were less than what I was spending on food as it is. Any interest in doing it with me?

  • If no response, follow up at 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 8 days, long term follow up list 

Them: YESSSS!!!!

Step 3. Presentation (Live or Recorded)
You: Awesome. The best thing to do is hop on the 15 minute overview session they’re this week. There’s an overview tonight or tomorrow at 8pm ET (enter in their local time). Of those two days, which works best for you? 

  • (If they can’t make it or there are no Zoom’s scheduled in the next 24 hours, send them the overview videos instead and say:  No worries.  I’ll send you over links to a couple of short videos.  One is about the Shred / Health Reset itself and the other is about the products we use.  They’ll take about 15 minutes to watch.  Let’s set an appointment to go over any questions you may have after you watch them.  When is good for you; Tonight or tomorrow?  - 
  • Once they have scheduled a time, send the video links What is the 11 Day Shred / Health Reset & testimonials: and Mary Evans Just Cleanse 

They select a day. 

You: Cool. Do me a favor, please just block out a window from 8 to 845p and here's why, the overview itself is going to go for about 15-20 minutes. You’ll have all the information so that you can make a fully informed decision to see whether or not this is a fit for you. And then after it’s done, I’d love to connect for a few minutes to hear what you liked most. Does that sound fair? 

Them: Yes! 

You: Ok great, I can text you the login details, etc.  Whats the best number to send it to?

You: Great. So excited to do this together! Wait til you see the results people are getting with is, you’ll flip.

You: Talk to you at 8p tonight / tomorrow.  One more thing, _____, because there’s limited lines, if anything comes up where you cannot make it on the call, please give me the courtesy of a call or text, in advance, so I can reschedule you and use your line for someone else.  Ok?

Them: I’m excited! Thanks for thinking of me!

You: SEARCH FOR A FUN GIF to send them (i.e. “bikini,” “fit girls” “shredded”) You: This will be us soon (enter finger pointing up emoji)

Them: Woot Woot!

Send Instructions the day of the scheduled session with the following: 

“Hey Name, 

I told (enter Presenter’s name) all about you and he/she is excited to connect with you on the session!  Here’s the login for the session.  See you there soon!  

(Enter link for the session - go to - *Live Presentation Schedule*: Every Mon-Thurs verify meeting link)

Step 4. Introduce to Success Coach (3-Way Zoom preferably, but even connect your prospect to your success coach via a text or FB messenger thread)
3-Way Call Outline below:

Step 5. Set up Preferred Customer Account.  We recommend starting all new customers with the "Everyday Shake" Pak to start.

Typically the new Customer will order the "Everyday Shake" Pak simply on your recommendation.  

Video on How to Setup and Use the Recommended Cart:

If the prospect wants more information about the Everyday Shake pak, share this video with them. 

Step 6. Become an Associate and Getting Started Right Training

The Getting Started Right training will include the introduction of additional products that might help the new customer achieve specific results and much, much more.

Once they have enrolled:

"Curiously, who are two people that you know would for sure wanna do this with you? (Let them answer).

"The reason I ask is because Isagenix doesn't spend any money on advertising and instead rewards its customers for our referrals. So when you help *friend name 1* and *friend name 2* get started you'll earn anywhere from $150 - $500 back right away. How awesome is that?" 

Step 7. Repeat to Executive (The Benefits There are Unbelievable!)

The Top Down Invitation - Pivot by CeCe President

 (Brand New person - Top down)


<Send via text, messenger or DM>

Hey _________,

I’m reaching out because I found my way to some mentors, who are teaching me how to build an online business in the wellness space and I thought you might be interested in it too, does that sound like something that might be up your alley? 


They say yes/what is it, etc? 


You: Going to send you a quick voice note


Share your 30 second story following the below template via voice note: 


First Compliment them; The reason I thought of you, is because you’re one of the most (pay them a sincere compliment) ______ and _____  people I’ve ever met & I just think the world of you. 


As you know, I’m a _______ (enter primary income source/job), but due to everything 


(share what’s actually happening, be authentic/vulnerable, tell the truth)


I.E.: I got laid off or my job is really amazing and paying me up until or we’re anticipating layoffs, or this has been a big wake up call that I get to have a plan b, etc


Anyway,  I’ve done all the research and it looks like a really viable opportunity to earn a great income while making an impact. What I’m most excited about, is I’m being taught by some people who have been incredibly successful doing this, they’re total experts. Does any of what I shared sound like something you’d want to dive a little deeper into learning about? 


They Say Yes:


You: Great. They're holding webinars this week. They're holding webinars on _____ or ______ (pick the next two available webinars) at ___ time (enter in their local time). Of those two days, which works best for you?

(If they say no, it's not for them, scroll down)

They select a day. 


You: Cool. Do me a favor, please just block out a window from 8 to 9 and here's why, the webinar itself is going to go for about 45 minutes. Now the reason it's so long is because it's an in-depth overview, so that you can do proper due diligence can make a fully informed decision to see whether or not this is a fit for you. And then after it’s done, I’d love to connect for a few minutes to hear what you liked most. Does that sound fair? 


Them: Yes! 


You: Ok great, I’ll confirm with you the day before and make sure you have the login details, etc.

If they said it's not for them:

YOU:  No worries. I really appreciate you listening. Would you be open to doing me a favor and supporting me as a customer?

THEM:  Yeah, of course.

YOU: Thank you so much.  Curiously, what are some of your current health goals?


YOU:  One of the things I love most is that this system seriously works for everyone. I’ve seen so many incredible transformations. I know that one of the biggest things that contributed to my getting out of shape was ______, _________, ______ (enter in your personal challenges i.e.’no time to eat healthy, didn’t know where to start, too busy with the kids, working long hours, etc).  


What have been some of your biggest challenges with (enter their goal— losing weight, sleeping better, etc - whatever they said are their goals)?




YOU: I can totally appreciate that, you’re going to love this. Let’s do this, (since I'm just getting started), I’d love to get you on a call with my friend ________ and me. You’ll love him/her! He/She is ________ and _________ (see examples below). What are some times that work for you over the next day or two? 


Examples (feel free to mix and match): 


“she’s really been amazing since day 1 and there’s no one better to help you get all your questions answered.” 


“he’s super knowledgeable about how this all works and has already helped tons of people achieve their goals on this system.” 


THEM: That sounds great! I’m available tomorrow morning or evening. 


YOU: Ok, awesome. Let me confirm with _______, which of those works best, he/she is super busy. 


YOU:  K, we’re all set for ___ (time).  Before we hop on the call, there are a couple of brief videos that provide some context for our conversation, if I sent them to you a few hours before we chat will you watch them for sure?  They’re less than 10 mins.

THEM:  Absolutely.


YOU: Great should I send them through FB?


THEM: Sure


YOU:  K, will do.  What’s the best # to reach you on for our call?


THEM: __________


YOU:  Great, talk soon!  


THEM: Great! Can’t wait! 




Send Instructions either the day of the call or the day before the scheduled call with the following: 


“Hey Name, 


I told (enter Partner's name) all about you and he/she is excited to connect with you! Please make sure you watch the videos before we chat, so we can be mindful of (enter Partner's name) time as well as yours. I'll call you a few minutes before (enter appointment time), looking forward to chatting with you then."

Include link to the videos you will have them watch: 


​(You can also send a video from your Penny app -- so that you get confirmation that they’ve opened and watched the video).  


How To Respond If They Say/Ask:


“How much is it?” 


YOU: It really depends, everything is customized and you’re just re-allocating grocery money, so it’ll fit within whatever you’re currently spending on food.


“What’s the name of the system?” 


YOU: It’s called Isagenix. (and then get right back where you left off in the template)! 


“How does it work?” 


YOU: It’s so simple, I’ll send you a few things to look at (and then get right back to the template)!  

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Influencer Launch Plan by CeCe President

 Team BOLD

Influencer Launch Plan

Initial Launch:

  1. Pick a launch date - give yourself at least 3 weeks

  2. Create your dream partners list - Use this tool -

  3. Warm up your list - connect, say hi, ask how they’re doing, comment on posts, etc.

  4. Whisper campaign - 2 weeks prior to start date - only with your Executive Team

Name, I’m about to do something big.  It’s gonna start in two weeks.  I can’t give you a lot of information about it right now, but I’m assembling a group of business people to help expand a multi-billion dollar company with a game-changing health product in this area.  And in the space of 1 month, I’m putting together this inner circle - this group of people who are gonna lock arms and together we’re going to create a MASSIVE impact on people’s health and dominate our markets in the process.  And it’s going to be amazing.  

Now, here’s what I need to know, assume that everything I’m going to share with you about the product and the financial opportunity, assume that worked out, everything, assume it all checks out...based upon the idea of it, are you in or are you out?

(if yes) starts <this date>.  A few days before, I’m gonna lay out the entire system and you can run with me if you want.  In the next month, not only will we help thousands of people get healthy --- I mean truly healthy --- we’re going to make a lot of money in the process.  Today, I’ll shoot you over a short video so you can start thinking about who you’d want to lock arms with.  Make sense?

Share this video:

(if no)

Listen, no worries.  You know how much I respect you and wanted to make sure I gave you the opportunity first.  Can I count on you to support me as a customer and check out the products?

Share this video: