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Most important message yet regarding your Tapestri business. Three things to succeed with the Tapestri business

 Alright, is Tapestri the simplest path to a six figure income or not?

There are three things we as Affiliates have to do consistently to make decent money with Tapestri.

Let's focus on one and two for now!

First of all, I am not even counting the fact that you have to pay your monthly administration fee.

1. Get the Tapestri app installed on your mobile device and set the location to always allow and leave your phone on.

iPhone install directions
NOTE: Apple is not our friend! They require Tapestri to notify the user every three days that we are tracking their location. Of course we are, that is what we do and why we can pay the user.  The user must allow us to track always to remain active and get paid.  The value of our affiliate program is our ability to teach affiliates and users how to earn!

Android install directions:
NOTE: With Android you must go to your phone settings, apps and then to the Tapestri app to set your location to "Allow Always" as seen in the video.  This can not be done in the app!

As an affiliate you are already in the Tapestri system, but you need to still install and sign up for the app.  Just install the app and while you are signing up (not signing in!), use the email address you have in your Tapestri back office. (this is very important)

2. The second thing you need to learn to do is share the app with others.  Let's face it, none of us became an affiliate to earn up to $25 a month for our data.  We could have earned that as a free user.

You have to create some interest in order for the prospect to watch the 54 second video.  

Example: "Tom, I have come across a new way to earn residual income that you may or may not be interested in, but I think it has real potential.  Check out this 54 second video and I will send you my link to get the app for your review."

Affiliates can share via the refer a friend in the app OR through the Replicated website link in your back office!

At the present time, I highly encourage you to only use the Replicated website link for sharing with new app users.  It's simple and it works.

a. you share your Replicated website link that looks like (found in your back office under "Links")
b. a prospective app user enters his/her email address for app access and clicks on "Get the app"
c. in your Tapestri back office under "Contacts", click on "Leads" and your new pre-registered lead will appear.
d. now your lead will get an email from the Tapestri system explaining what to do to get the app, but bottom line they just go to the Apple or Play Store and follow the directions as outlined in #1 above 

Users can ONLY share via refer a friend in the app... this method is being improved greatly and you will see this improvement in the next 2-3 weeks!  

But in the meantime, the prospective user MUST enter the referral code while signing up in order for the affiliate or user that shared to get credit for the new user.  These users only appear in the app's "Referral History" in the menu of the app for now.

NOTE: International Affiliates only have the Replicated website to share the app with prospective app users since they do not have the app yet.

Here is a real case after I had created initial interest!

Tom, I have come across a new way to earn residual income that you may or may not be interested in, but I think it has real potential.  Check out this 54 second video and I will send you my link to get the app for your review.

iPhone install directions:

Android install directions: (use your own link here!)

Get the app installed and then let's talk about the big picture, if you are even interested in making more than a hundred or two hundred a month residual...

Here is the best "tool" to share with every new app user:

Finally, the third thing you need to learn to do to leverage your efforts and make a bigger income is share the opportunity to become an affiliate with others.  

3. Here is the presentation I recommend you use to share the opportunity:

If you have read this far I KNOW you are serious about your Tapestri business and I want to help you succeed.  Invest an hour and carefully watch the presentation we did Friday (10/29/21) where we answered all the questions and cast the vision of where we are going as a company.  Stay positive and come succeed with us!

This is the video I highly recommend you watch and pay attention to.
Tapestri Corp Update 10/29/2021:

God Bless,


Chuck Williams

​Affiliate Manager 


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Friday, October 22, 2021

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