Friday, February 25, 2022

What can I do to increase my earnings?

Here are some trouble shooting steps that will help to ensure you get pay every day.

1. double check your location permissions are set to allow all the time on android and always in iPhone.

link to step-by-step instructions

2. after setting location permissions, go open the app and go to the map screen. If there is a little arrow at the bottom of the screen, click on it to fully activate location permissions.

link to instructions

After doing these two things your app is fully set up and now a quick tip that helps earnings.

Open the app at least once a day. Go to the map, then to the main menu and check payback history. You should see daily earnings under payback history. This proves the app is on and working FOR you.

These steps will increase the potential for your goal to go up on the 1st of the month. We can not guarantee it will go up but doing the steps above gives you the best chance for an increased goal.

Thank you