Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tapestri Affiliate Program

Here is the process I'm using to build my Affiliate team. 

1. An opportunity to work from home has been shared with me by a technology company out of Chicago giving away a cool, free app. Pays great. I'm gonna send you a one minute video... check it out.  

2. What is Tapestri?: (54 seconds)

3. Glad you're interested. The app rocks! Check this out about the company and the product from Walter Harrison, Founder, "The Tapestri App That Pays" (First 8 minutes of the video below #4 below) 

4. Here's how the Affiliate Program works! 
Tapestri Affiliate Program Overview by Affiliate Manager Chuck Williams (Last 9 minutes of the video)

5. If your prospect just wants to start out testing the app, send him/her to and enter his/her email for app access, then click on "Get the App".  Now they are registered and can go directly to the app or play store and install the app using the same email address.  Icons for both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store appear as soon as they enter your email and click on "Get the App".
If they're like me and see the value in becoming an affiliate, use the same link but click on "Brand Affiliate" to register as a Tapestri Affiliate.

NOTE: Replace YOURUSERNAME with your affiliate username!

Any questions, let me know. 



3rd Tuesday of the Month: 8 pm Est / 5 pm Pacific 

Dani Walker Marketing Training

Fridays: 3 pm Est / Noon Pacific 

Founder Walter Harrison, Dani Walker & Chuck Williams present the Tapestri Affiliate Opportunity with Q&A Session and Corp Update

Back Office Login: 

The Tapestri Back Office has the resources you need to have a successful work from home business.

Chuck Williams

​Tapestri Affiliate Manager​