Monday, June 10, 2019

Mike Mucci Story

Did not know 80% of our health revolves around proper nutrition. 

The past 2 two months I found this out by doing it.  I now really like the way I feel.  And I lowered my grocery bill too.
A friend introduced this concept (the value of real nutrition) to me.
Now I'm on a path of truly transforming my health.  Never would have imagined it would be accomplished simply with proper nutrition.

Here is what my friend Mike Mucci in Ohio had to say about his struggles and his results.

Mike wrote ...

A Special 'Thank You' to two great ladies Joanie McLeod and Dr. Shirley Piccarreto …

Normally I don’t post accolades on FB however I’m going to get away from my personal rule and give well-deserved thanks to both Joanie McLeod and Dr. Shirley Piccarreto who inspired and guided me through a difficult stretch that put lots of pressure on my health.

Dr. Shirley taught me the daily formula to lower my overall cholesterol profile and lose 8 pounds of stubborn visceral fat in 30 days.  Joanie, a registered nurse, and mother of 5, who herself tried six or more fad diets … provided me the inspiration and enthusiasm and taught me the importance of nutrition not deprivation via her personal story of losing 19 pounds of visceral fat in three months after failing miserably before time after time. 

Most of us, men and women, experience that extra weight earned from change of life.  I was no exception.

In the beginning when considering, like Joanie, I was jaded, cynical and skeptical, but decided to give it a try.   

After participating for one month, I scheduled myself to take a health exam again to earn a better rating and lower premium from an insurance company.  Felt confident, my energy was back to normal, my mindset started to get back to positive.   About a week after starting with their suggestions I really liked how I felt and could feel the transformation of losing inches kicking in during week one.

Two weeks, after being involved for 30 days, I received my insurance exam results.  My overall lowered cholesterol readings shocked me.  They were all in a
 brand new territory for me.  My body weight too, 1980’s level.  At 65 years old, the insurance company awarded me their highest rating.  

There was no diet to follow, no meals to buy.  Just ate sensibly, stayed active, even my grocery bill was less.  
I wasn't hungry, I wasn't tired and I had no cravings.  What I found out was this ... my body was not getting the proper daily doses of pure nutrition it needed.   Simple as that.  Why don’t most people know about this?  I don’t know.
If you currently have any challenges like I did with cholesterol or stress and are looking for ways to feel better, lose stubborn visceral fat, or just age youthfully ... I invite you to read Joanie’s story and to connect with Dr. Shirley on FB today.        
FB is about friendships.  So as we age together, I feel obligated to at least tell you there is something out there beside fad diets and meal plans that can help you reach your personal health and weight goals.  If you would like to read Joanie’s full story and, or a personal introduction to Dr. Shirley feel free to PM me.

Have a great day …