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The Isagenix Advantage with Nutritionist Jim Rhoades

Formulator and Founder John Anderson  created the Isa Shakes with a UNIQUE WAY to activate the ENZYMES WITH COLD WATER/ICE!! 

Thanks John Arting for sharing the article below: 

WARNING: MUST READ!!!!!!!! Long post, but EXCELLENT information!!!

Empower the Body to Become the Miracle It was Intended to Be! 

Intro: Jim Rhoades, former President and CEO of his own nutrition company became involved with Isagenix well over several years ago after his wife achieved personal success with the products.

As a motivational speaker, he spoke at Harvard on the nature of what is missing in our foods. Our immune systems are our most important defense against illness and disease.

The number 2 disease, cancer, is killing 1 out of 2 people today versus 1 out of 12, 50 years ago. Our bodies have 60 trillion cells that replicate, divide & renew every 7 years (except for brain cells & certain nerve cells).

We are a body of re-generation. When we feed the body the necessary nutritional building blocks, the miracle of the body will work.

Of the 90 nutrients we need, 60 are minerals and the rest are essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and vitamins.

John Anderson found out early on that our food sources had become deficient in minerals. 43 BOWLS of spinach in 1997 were needed to equate to the iron content in ONE BOWL of spinach in 1953. 

John made sure that all 60 minerals, in the form of ionic trace minerals, were included in all Isagenix products. Minerals need vitamins and vitamins need minerals for overall absorption.

In the 1950’s, a ban was put on DDT, so pesticides and herbicides were invented to kill living organisms. As farmers sprayed, the chemicals got into the topsoil and the earth. This started to kill the Eco-System as it took out
micro-organisms and bacteria. Without them, there can be no transformation of rock based inorganic minerals into organic minerals since organic minerals dissolve in water, but rock does not.

Organic minerals that are soluble, in water form, are the easiest for the body to absorb. John went with organic nutrients that came up from the plant kingdom for Isagenix products.

With the Cleanse for Life juice, John Anderson also created a way to rid substances that do not belong in the body.

While the body cleanses naturally, it is constantly bombarded by impurities from our food, air and water. These impurities lodge in our large filters (colon, liver, kidney, lymphatic system & cardiovascular system) and in our cells.
He chose all the necessary nutrients, as well as, the gentle herbs needed to dejunk the body. Imagine running a race with a handicap.

The liver performs over 100 different functions and the lymphatic system is like a vacuum system that opens and closes miles of vessels pulling out metabolic fluids and waste.

Cleanse for Life cleanses the whole body at the CELLULAR LEVEL.

John Anderson also added the necessary delivery system to its products. Doctors say many vitamins and minerals are a waste of money (or expensive urine). They say a majority of mineral & vitamin pills do not have the digestive
enzymes to break the compounds down and transport them properly in the body.

When you have real food, with live plant enzymes, the job gets done.

Note: enzymes are killed when put through a heat process and John Anderson developed a patented technology that gets the shake’s nutrients into powdered form without using heat.



Note: the super clean Whey protein in the IsaLean shake has the delivery system needed to break down the compounds into the necessary building blocks such as amino acids.

The Whey protein is super clean because it is sourced from New Zealand where animals ARE NOT injected with hormone, steroids or antibiotics and the pastures are pesticide and herbicide free.

With the proper delivery system, we have a way to feed the body so it can protect and build lean body tissue.

John Anderson also made the IsaLean Shake low calorie and low sugar.

The four things the body cannot generate on its own are: essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These are all provided in the 250 calorie IsaLean Shake.

The body calls on stored calories (in the fat cells) and gets the balance of calories needed (energy needed to burn) from muscles. Now a person CAN SAFELY ELIMINATE FAT WHILE ON THIS FOOD! There is NO starvation,
because the body is flooded with nutrition.

John Anderson developed Ionix Supreme. It is jet fuel for the body and nature’s answer to stress. It helps restore and repair the body. One ounce a day provides the answer for women who loose minerals monthly. It has natural iron in the black strap molasses and silica to use calcium (the most used mineral in the body) and fulvic acid, a chelator, to grab the nutrients and transport them to the body cells.

John knew that we need to: cleanse the body, flood the body with the nutritional building blocks, provide a delivery system to ensure the break down of nutritional elements, keep the food low calorie, and keep the food low sugar.

With Isagenix products, we have natural super foods, not medicine. Generating healthy cells and getting the body into proper pH balance (alkaline/acidic ratio) leads the way to a healthy body.

Take the toxic load off the body so it does not gang up on one or more of the organs.

Conclusion: Keep feeding the body this food for as long as you want to live a healthy life.

If children, age 2 and up, are not given a meal of a half shake a day, they are missing out on receiving the finest legacy in healthy foods.

John Anderson’s dream is to provide future generations with the finest food and to make a difference.

People who use the products impact other lives by sharing the product.

The founders, John Anderson, Kathy and Jim Coover, subsequently set up business incentives to motivate people to share.

The food is safe, cost effective and people, even kids, like it. There is nothing quite like what Isagenix offers.
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This was a very good article and should help EVERYONE on the product get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE by using COLD WATER and even ICE for your shakes!! 

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