Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Three Step Simple (easy) System to build your Isagenix Business

Our system is clear and simple.

1. Create interest and get people to take a look at our overview video.
I recommend the video at http://besetfreelife.com.
(Note: I personally prefer a marketing system uses that video, so I use the Ultimate Marketing Solution.  Get with your success coach and determine the video you will use for this important first step!)

2. Three way call.  Everyone on the team should have 4-6 people they can use for three way calls.  This is a vital step to your success and the duplication you need to build a thriving team!

3. The next event... After the three way call, you invite the interested prospect to the next event.
(Note: That next event can be a major event, but in most cases it will be a recording of presentation or a live weekly event, see the list below for starters)

That's it!  Get good at using and teaching your team to use those three steps and watch your team explode with growth because it's duplicatable!

Thursday UK Isagenix Product Overview
9 PM UK Time (4 pm Eastern/3 pm Central will be

USA Isagenix Overview every Thursday Evening
@9:30 PM Eastern/8:30 PM Central will be

For best viewing results, click on display imagesTuesday night 7/11/17 & every Tuesday in July we will have an Isagenix business overview... 7 pm (carried live on Zoom at the link below)

17 Research Park Dr.,
Saint Charles 63304

Tuesday Isagenix Live Meeting from St. Louis 7/11/17 and every Tuesday Evening
@8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central will be

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