Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Customer Website and more on the Sunday Night Leadership Training

Special Leadership Training Sunday night

Your Most Powerful Isagenix Tool to Date is launched
Topics covered on Sunday night training were...
1. New IsaLife app (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
2. Feb Frenzy (earn an EXTRA $1,700)
3. New Customer Welcome Site (
4. *New Member Checklist
5. **Get you tickets to Celebration in Nashville while you still can.

*Go to IsaTools
Prospecting Tab dropdown Click on Digital Media Click on PDFs - search for 'New Associate Checklist

OR if you don't have IsaTools...

Isagenix Back Office
Hover over Resources
Click on Browse Library
Click on Business Training & Tools
Click on Start Here
Scroll down to Step 5 Get New Members Started Right

Click on 'New Associate Checklist'


Celebration tickets for 2018 in Nashville are still available, get yours before the event sells out!  Get the word out to your team!  If you are serious about your business, get your tickets and plan to attend.

Express university in November in Charlotte NC, this in my opinion is a can’t miss event. (scroll down to see the Express University 2018 event)

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