Thursday, May 2, 2019

Getting Started Right with a new Associate in the UK

Your link for prospects to your site is

Phone Number for UK Corp office is Call 08081890490

Weekly Training Zoom: IsaWorld Success Academy every Saturday @ noon Eastern/11 am Central/9 am Pacific

Articles/Blogs and recordings: 
Your User Name is Kyle09
Your password is Jess.jayne23

1. Go to and log in to Member Login
Use your user name and password to login.

2. Click on "Become an Associate" (DONE)

3. Set up Recommended Carts: Here is an example of one that I set up for you. 
Here are the Isagenix products I selected to fit your goals! Tap the link below to view the products, complete your order and sign up for Isagenix!  

Use the Suggested IsaMovie layout for your personal website when following the “Say, Share, Do” system to introduce your prospects to Isagenix. Learn more about this system on

Chuck Williams
President, Team of Hope

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