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Friday, February 24, 2017

Business Opportunity Event in Charlotte NC (Isagenix)

Cepeda Express
Business Opportunity Event
Springhill Suites
12325 Johnston Rd Charlotte

Guests Free, Space limitedThursday March 23rd 7:30pm ET

Need to remind you about the Cepeda’s annual training event in Charlotte, NC March 24-26. There are not many tickets left, so order today.
If you are serious about building your Isagenix business, you sure want to be there. Once the tickets are gone – you cannot attend.  Click here for info:  https://express-university-march-2017.eveyevents.com/   and order quickly if you can.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Millionaire Training by Herb & Patty







Once you are an Isagenix Associate go to http://besetfreelife.com and GET ACCESS to the daily training and motivational calls.  This is exclusive to the Cepeda team and one of the reasons they have such great success... everyone on their team gets access to their training!

Isagenix Product Stories

7/20/17 More great stories of people we have seen transform their lives...
Rene Shaw https://youtu.be/SHq1w6C7rYQ

  • Sandy Lawson "Lost 7 pounds in just a little over a week."  She added,  "I am really excited. I've had zero success losing weight for years. I'd lose 1 lb and my husband would lose 15-20 in the same period of time."
    • Update for Sandy L at 30 days, "I've donated 11 pounds and reduced 29 1/2 inches!!!"
    • Sandy's husband Kip Lawson has donated 15 lbs in his first 30 days.
  • Jim Williams "Donated 15 pounds in his first 12 days!"
    • Update at 33 days for Jim: 24 pounds and 26.25 inches
  • Ellis Franklin "Released 10 pounds in his first week!"
    • My total I lost is 13,lbs in 30 days...  I feel great, my clothes fit a little better.  Can't wait to shed some more off. 
  • Kim Johnson "Shed 10 pounds in 4 days"
  • Farmer John Arting "Week #1 no weight loss ....attribute to my Gluten Intolerance ....Main reason I wanted to try product. Side Benefit during week #1... on Day #4 which was 2nd cleanse day...80% of my right shoulder pain and muscle stiffness was released.  (Hadn't been able to sleep or use that shoulder without major pain for 3 months.)
    Week #2... I released 5# by learning a few adjustments to my protocol.
    Week #3 ... I released 10#  ... 5# of it after my 4th Cleanse Day of the month.
    I love this System!  I feel like a Million Bucks again at age 63.  15 lbs released so far .... 35 to go!"
  • Pam Benjamin "Down 8.5 pounds, 12 inches and a size in just my first 13 days!" 👍😁
  • Bud Wolcott "Released 10 pounds first two days!"
    • Update for Bud, 19 pounds donated in my first 9 days
  • Rod Dockter "after three days I am down 10 pounds and my wife, Claudia is down 7 after only three days! Claudia reduced 19 inches in 7 days"
  • Ted Moore "Donated 8 pounds in first three days!"
  • Mickey Moore "Released 5 pounds in her first three days!"
  • Joe Danko "So ten days ago I started the 9 day cleanse, went from 308 to 298 lbs. & lost 3 inches off my stomach.  That's 10 pounds in my first week!"
  • David Ratliff "Started the Weight Loss System on 3/1/17 and as of 3/6/17 I have already donated 13.6 pounds (that's FIVE days)
  • Robin Frailty "I've lost 5 lbs in two days. This product is great. Woo hoo!!!!!!!"
  • Becky Boyd "just ended my first week on the 30 day challenge and have lost 7 lbs! I am impressed. Also sleeping a lot better and feeling better during the day, not tired anymore"
  • Wow... that was a great call! Thanks so much for what you do and I'm excited to be part of this exceptionally talented and caring team. This feels so different from my experiences in the past. I'm finishing up my first cleanse day and have a slight headache, but my blood sugar right now is 93! I'm a type 2 diabetic so that reading is awesome. I was apprehensive about the cleanse day but know now I can do it! Thanks again for bringing me on board!

Weight-Loss Disclaimer

Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

International Sponsorship with Isagenix

How to register for International Sponsorship:

1) sign into your back office

2) Hover Mouse over "Orders" (green bar)

3) Click on "International Sponsorship" (bottom item)

4) Fill out form and submit payment

Thanks to Farmer John for providing this info...

Once you are registered for International Sponsorship, you can start building your network in any of the 12 countries Isagenix is doing business AND you can pre-enroll people in the UK too.

To pre-enroll people in the UK, go to http://joinisagenixUK.com and register them.

NOTE: Teach everyone in the UK that you enroll how they too can pre-enroll others.
You enroll 10 in 24 hours (very doable... free enrollment, great positioning)
Your ten enroll ten... that is another 100!
The 100 now each get another ten each for 1,000!!!
You get the picture... launch is end of April.
Can you imagine have a thousand people in your pre-enrollment when they can all become active associates and start ordering products?

Herb & Patty Cepeda are the TOP INCOME EARNERS

Herb & Patty Cepeda are the TOP INCOME EARNERS with Isagenix and are our upline support as well ... 

Prior to Isagenix they were CONSULTANTS on how to grow your network for 17 years and they charged their clients $60,000.00 for that service and were very successful at it ...

They have taken that same concept and have applied it to Isagenix and their team giving them support Monday through Friday @ 8:30 AM Eastern with a half an hour to an hour call ... and YOUR SUCCESS can be DIRECTLY

Here is the call in # and the pin once the operator answers:

857-232-0155  Pin # 597733 

** If you cannot attend the calls live ... we suggest that you listen to the recorded calls that can be found on their website ...

Go to:  https://besetfreelife.com ... Click on "Members Only" and REGISTER so that you can gain the invaluable support information INSIDE and gain access to their recorded calls!!

Once you have Registered ... then simply LOGIN ... hover your mouse over "Daily Calls" in the top menu bar under the video to display the drop down menu and then click on
"Daily Calls" in that drop down menu and it will display the last 7 recorded calls with their appropriate dates and they suggest that you download your favorite call to your computer to be able to use again and again to refer to from time to time or as you see fit

Incredibly Powerful Interview with #1 Income Earner Herb Cepeda as he shares his Isagenix Story.  I highly recommend you invest the time to hear his incredible story and most importantly his vision for the future of our team.